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Protect Your Local Terrorist

Posted by Exile on April 25, 2008

Six months ago, 18 year old Abdul Abu-Lifa was found guilty of terrorist activity by Denmarks highest court. The courts are still discussing whether or not to revoke his Danish citizenship. This is necessary if he is to be deported to wherever he comes from and should be sent back to. The reason for this delay? The court that has to handle the case says it is overworked and has a huge case load. Maybe they can get round to it in August. The prosecuting attorney says that this case isn’t going anywhere, neither is Abdul, and the court has to prioritise what it thinks is most pressing and what isn’t. At the moment, the court is busy with violent crime cases and doesn’t consider the citizenship, or deportation, of a terrorist as important as the hearing of a local bully.

A lot of cases like this go nowhere. Literally, nowhere. And even when they do, they are they invariably go against all common sense. They lie around and are deliberately left to be forgotten. For example, Said Mansour, propagandist and recruiter. Found guilty of similar charges and sentenced to three and a half years behind bars, the Copenhagen City court refused to revoke his citizenship because they feared he would be subjected to some brutality on returning to Morocco, where he is also wanted for terrorist activity. Nice chap. International terrorist. Have bomb, will travel. Just the kind of average Joe you would all like to have in your neighborhood.  

Indignation3 Who really cares? These two here are terrorists or are connected with them. They would not worry a moment over our rights and would not raise an eyebrow at our demise or injury. Quite the reverse. They plan on doing just that. Killing or injuring is their stock in trade. That is why they are here. I don’t care if they get hooked up by the genitals to a car battery in Morocco or Jordan or anywhere else for that matter, as long as they don’t get to stay here. They mean us no good. This is human rights gone mad.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only sane, right minded person in Denmark to think that way either.

And then along came the politicians.

The government is considering moves to strengthen the position of these people in cases where the police intelligence services have caught these bastards and will then have them sent out of the country on suspicion of terrorist activity. This will no longer be an administrative process. Now it must go to court.

Who said prevention was better than cure?

I give up!


One Response to “Protect Your Local Terrorist”

  1. jj said

    Never give in nor give up.

    You’re right of course JJ, but damn, we’re fighting our own leaders here.

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