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A Free Man?

Posted by Exile on May 2, 2008

About a month ago I posted on John James Harris, who presented an affidavit to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II declaring his intent to lawful rebellion. Basically, one gives the sovereign 40 days notice of intent to rebel if the sovereign does not dismiss parliament and then hold an election. Well, the sovereign lady didn’t oblige Mr. Harris. 

The day of reckoning was today, the first of May, and therefore Mr. Harris’ rebellion has begun. He denies the authority of the Queen, the government, the courts, the laws and institutions of the United Kingdom and has entered the social status of “free man” under Common English law. He will not be paying taxes either. That would be to support what he deems to be an unlawful government. Traitors, he calls them.

Quite how this new social status will affect his life has yet to be seen.

Free or not, this is a brave man who does nothing to hide his contempt for the lousy government he has recently been subjected to and now no longer wishes to be governed by. Personally, I wish him luck and hope he enjoys his freedom, however long it may last.

The following is from his website:

John James Harris – Freeman of England within Common Law

I, JOHN JAMES HARRIS DO DECLARE that as from and including this present date, and for all such time as may now be required to restore Elizabeth the Queen to Her Freedom and to The Lawful Dignity & Authority of her Crown, I DENY AND WITHHOLD ALL ALLEGIANCE AND OBEDIENCE TO ELIZABETH THE QUEEN, to the precise purpose of providing some defense to Her Majesty’s Person; Royal Estate and Freedoms, by the process of denying all and any lawful recognition to those Evil Persons who now hold Her Majesty captive to their own Treasons; Evil Designs and Unlawful Purposes, contrary to law –
I NOW DECLARE to All Persons claiming a legal authority to exercise the power of government, in the name of Elizabeth the Queen that their authority to govern me in any way whatsoever is both DENIED and ENDED.


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