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Global Warming Really is Man Made

Posted by Exile on May 9, 2008

Yep. I’m convinced. Man made global warming. Man made God too. And he makes cars, and aircraft and all kinds of stuff. But it’s the global warming that’s interesting now. Here’s how I figure it..

If you wanted to gain and preserve power over your people 5000 years ago, how would you do it? Simple. Some bright spark figured out that if one could attribute flood, famine, disease, drought, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, plagues of locusts and all other common annoyances of biblical proportion to something no one understood and could then claim to be in contact with that something, one could easily persuade the masses that one was in a position of ultimate power. High priests, in the pay of warlords, became the masters of the inexplicable and supplied the same warlords with a ready supply of virgins, wine, goats, grain, taxes and other goodies including local domination, extracted from the people in the name of pleasing the “Gods”, who were responsible for all the bad stuff happening. The bad stuff was happening because of the inappropriate behaviour of the people towards the gods. Of course, no matter how much the poor unwitting citizens gave, it was never enough to totally appease the gods, so more had to be kept coming. Why? Well, the floods, famine, disease, drought and other crap kept coming. Now you need to tell the people, they haven’t given enough to the gods. That’s why we’re all starving. So sacrifice some grain, goats and a couple of virgins to us priests and we’ll see what we can do about it. After all, there’s no need for the priests to go hungry as well, or their masters. Guess what.. the people gave. The delusion was complete. Inevitably the weather turned, or the volcano went on hiatus again or the rains came and the priests could claim another successful round of negotiations with the gods. This was wonderful. No one thought of questioning it. If they did, they were also sacrificed, as unbelievers who were, of course, displeasing the gods. The proof was there for all to see. Shit happened. The gods were angry. Continuously so. Luckily, their priests had the answers. Temporarily, but inevitably so.

Man made gods. Or at least, a few very clever, sneaky, power hungry men made them up and deluded an entire population.
Sound too fantastic? Think of Hitler, or Stalin. Or Pol Pot. The Aztecs. The Egyptian dynasties.

Centuries passed. We got smarter. The god theory began to fall into disrepute. After generations of crawling, bowing and scraping, taxation and sacrificed virgins and animals and a couple of real big wars, someone cottoned on and pulled the plug. Dissent amongst the downtrodden masses finally brought the priests down off their high positions of power and a freer society began to flourish. The taxes remained to support the local chieftains, now royal families, but the virgins had a few more prospects in life, other than sacrifice at a whim of the weather or local geological upsets.

So now we enter the enlightened age of all encompassing communication. TV, radio, travel, flight and finally, the internet. How do you forward your own interests as a power hungry politician in this day and age? God’s off the list now. We need something equally as inexplicable, frightening and yet, tangible in some way. We know about geology and weather fluctuations and earthquakes and stuff, so we need something bigger and more complicated than the local news. Something global.
Well, the globe is warming up. It has been since the late middle ages. Since the end of the little ice age. That followed the Medieval Warm Period, during which, temperatures were higher than they are today by far, and the people of the northern hemisphere flourished. It’s a natural process, but deniable.
Right, there’s the vehicle. Now, attribute it to something the people are doing. Well, the people are living and using energy.. which generates a natural bi-product… CO2. There’s the inappropriate bit. A rise in CO2 actually follows a rise in temperature, but that’s open to distortion too. We can modify the figures and distort the time factor by data handling.
Priests are also out now. We got educated. Right. No priests. Scientists then. Because we believe scientists now, not priests. And yes, let’s get the press in on it too. They will print what we tell them and won’t argue.

So the warlords became greedy megalomaniac politicians. The priests became government funded scientists saying exactly what they are paid to say and the sacrifice continues. The taxation, the sacrifice of our freedoms, and the stifling of any debate that threatens the men at the top continues. In fact , let’s invent an inner temple to strengthen the idea. Make it global. Call it the IPCC. The International Panel on Climate Change. Titles mean everything.
We can’t sacrifice the dissenters as unbelievers nowadays, but we can ostracise them and insult them and underfund them and prevent them from speaking out against the modern god of anthropogenic climate change.

It’s the perfect model for mass hysteria and mass control. We have the vehicle, we have the guilt factor ready, we control the data and publication, we own the opinion and we can censor it all to fit our needs.

Yep. I believe that global warming is man made. Or at least, that a few very clever, sneaky, power hungry men made it up and deluded an entire global population.

And guess what…. the people keep on giving.


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