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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Police

Posted by Exile on May 10, 2008

The Danish police have given up with regard to the youngsters, the so-called “autonome”, that have reduced the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen to an urban slum and virtual no-go area for the decent people of the town. The autonome are being allowed to do as they please, when they please and how they please. The police will not hinder them in any way. It’s official policy now. Let them be.

The police have been told to ignore the youngsters. It is not acceptable to most of the citizens here, but the press has been so successful in presenting the case that it is the police that are provoking the youngsters to violence and escalating vandalism, that the police have been warned off. Observing is enough, under no circumstances must there be any arrests. Even the courts are letting those that are arrested go, afraid that convicting anyone of anything will cause further violence. The surrender is complete.

Police officers are left feeling frustrated and unnecessary. Little wonder that they are leaving the already undermanned service in droves. What would be the point in staying? As one officer put it when interviewed by Jyllands Posten; “They are allowed to do as they will and we are not to get involved…it must not be able to be said that we are provoking in any way. They are allowed to do as they wish”.

The final and most damning comment comes from the Chief of Police in Copenhagen, Mogens Kjærgaard Møller:

“It is a question of balancing how we will tackle things before any large event. This means that some will given more leeway than others. Of course it is illegal to paint graffiti but we must evaluate whether or not our intervention will simply lead to an escalation of affairs and therefore the use of even more resources to combat that escalation. This is much the same as our evaluation of the situation, for example, at football matches.”

Put so that you and I can understand it, “It ain’t worth the bother”.

And just why am I paying taxes?

In my opinion, we may as well disband the police force now. It has apparently outlived its function as a protector of the public. But then again, who would be available to dish out all those parking and speeding fines? It seems there is no leeway  to be had by anybody there. No “evaluation” necessary. I suspect, that it merely isn’t directly profitable for the state to arrest vandals and other criminals.

Yeah, that must be it. Profit margins and the like…..


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