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The May 2008 Bullshit Award

Posted by Exile on May 16, 2008

MMGW I just had to copy and paste a bit of this ridiculous article found in the Telegraph. It sounds to me, as if the global warming team are getting decidedly worried about the growing evidence that they have got it grossly wrong and are afraid of being rumbled for good. This just shrieks of panic. I’m sure you all know it, chapter and verse by now, but here goes anyway. Join in if you know the chorus…..

Global warming is causing significant changes to the Earth’s natural systems and it is highly unlikely that any force but man-made climate change can be blamed .

Researchers who analysed 30,000 academic studies dating back to 1970 said man was responsible for changes that ranged from the loss of ice sheets to the collapse in numbers of many species of wildlife.
On a planetary scale the changes include the melting of glaciers on all continents; earlier spring river run-off; and the warming of oceans, lakes and rivers.
In Europe, they found evidence of glaciers melting in the Alps; earlier pollen release in the Netherlands; and apple trees producing leaves 35 days earlier in Spain.

In Asia they reported a change in the freeze depth of permafrost in Russia; and the earlier flowering of ginkgo in Japan.

In Antarctica, the population of emperor penguins had declined by 50 per cent. In South America, the melting of the Patagonia ice-fields were contributing to a rise in sea levels.

Prof. Barry Brook, of the University of Adelaide, described the evidence that mankind was altering the world as “overwhelming”.

He said: “These changes are only a minor portent of what is likely to come.” Goldstarbullshit transparency

Ahem. (Just clearing my throat….) “BULLSHIT”.

All these conclusions from, what was it, 38 years of “data”. My , my. How extraordinary. What far reaching studies these must have been. Sorry, but I don’t buy into it.

All these things go on every once in a while and have done so for millennia. It’s called a natural cycle. 800,000 years ago Greenland was ice free. 1000 years ago it was green. Why do you think the Vikings called it “Greenland”? And Newfoundland as we call it now, was then called “Vineland” by the same Vikings. Not many grapes growing there now I suppose? I can’t seem to find a bottle of Newfoundland Chablis anywhere. Must have been all those horse drawn SUV’s that Erik the Red imported. But let’s not mention the medieval warm period that lasted just 400 years, and was a good deal warmer than anything we are experiencing here and now. That only confuses the MMGW crowd. In fact, it allowed Europe to blossom and thrive. Just before the little ice age set in. Which we are still recovering from, globally speaking.

I wonder who pays these people to say these things? Read the whole idiocy for yourselves and try not to laugh out loud.

The Telegraph.


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