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Sackcloth and Ashes

Posted by Exile on May 18, 2008

There’s an awful lot of groveling, hand-wringing and apologising going over in the US of A these days. In Iraq too. Not that anyone has done anything truly horrifically wrong, or even criminal or injurious. No-one has been hurt, injured or killed or maimed by accident and no-one has suffered any economical loss. In fact, no harm has been done to anyone at all. And yet the US military commander in Iraq has been out demeaning himself before local chieftains pleading for their forgiveness and understanding while the pentagon is positively repentant and prostrating itself before the weight of Islamic indignation. Hardly the behaviour one would expect from the mightiest military force in the world today.

The reason for all this “sackcloth and ashes”?

Someone pissed on a piece of paper. And someone else shot holes in it.

Big deal. I’m absolutely crushed.

That the two unrelated activities were carried out by US soldiers is irrelevant. It is no crime to do either. It’s just that the two pieces of paper were part of a book called the Koran, and we all know that you aren’t allowed to do anything to that for fear of awakening the mighty islamic beast that will call us names and boycott our massed produced goods before bombing the hell out of innocent women and children on busses and in train stations.

The shooting of the book happened in Iraq. Local police found a shot copy of the bible from hell close to a firing range. Apparently the military identified the perpetrator, (how, out of hundreds of soldiers using a firing range, did they find exactly him?) made him write a letter of apology to the local chiefs and sent him home to the States. (I don’t believe a blasted word of it.) But the commander in the field has had to go to local chiefs with his cap in his hands:

Major-General Jeffrey Hammond, commander of US forces in Baghdad, apologised for the behaviour of the soldier.

“I come before you here seeking your forgiveness,” the commander was quoted as telling tribal leaders at an apology ceremony that was also filmed by the US television network. “In the most humble manner I look in your eyes today and I say please forgive me and my soldiers.”

Major-General Hammond also read from a letter of apology written by the soldier who fired the bullets. His name has not been released.

Wimp. The man has lost all sense of self respect.

In the second incident Guantanamo Bay, preferred holiday resort of the al-Queda boys, is the source of endless defacement of the Koran. The Pentagon has published results of some enquiry before the press boys can do a mash job on it. The report documents the abuse given to the book by interrogators and guards. Not the inmates mind you, no, they haven’t been abused. Just paper.
And some of the inmates are also equally guilty of this abuse as anyone else, by defacing the book and blaming their guards.

An American guard at Guantanamo Bay urinated on a copy of the Koran while others kicked, stepped on and soaked copies with water balloons, the Pentagon admitted last night. two-word obscenity was written in English on the inside cover of another copy. One interrogator was fined for “a pattern of unacceptable behaviour”, according to a month-long inquiry.


General Hood revealed last week that investigators had found five cases of mishandling of the Koran. Further details emerged last night and confirmed that one US soldier deliberately kicked a copy of the Koran and an interrogator stepped on one as part of a pattern of unauthorised behaviour. One unidentified American urinated through an air vent onto a detainee and his Koran. In other confirmed incidents, guards threw water balloons that left an unspecified number of Korans wet.

Ooooh! Well isn’t that just terrible? How much of this can one take? I’ve read about these torture methods before, but water boarding the paper? That’s just barbaric. I wonder what that month-long enquiry cost the US taxpayers?

But the guards aren’t alone in this practise of defacing paper;

General Hood’s report also uncovered 15 cases in which detainees were found to have deliberately mishandled copies of the Koran. “These included using a Koran as a pillow, ripping pages out of the Koran, attempting to flush a Koran down the toilet and urinating on the Koran,” the report said.

And just to put the whole thing into perspective…;

The investigation was sparked by a report in Newsweek magazine last month that claimed the Pentagon had substantiated claims by former detainees that some guards and interrogators had flushed a copy of the Koran down a lavatory.

Newsweek retracted the story and apologised after its single source backed away from the account. By then, at least 16 people had died in riots across the Islamic world in protest.Indignation3

Well done Newsweek. Strike another 16 off the list. We need a few more stories like that.

So here’s one for you….

Want to know what I wipe my arse with?

Links: Times article 1 and article 2.


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