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Out, Foul Spot

Posted by Exile on May 23, 2008

Denmark has finally decided to deport a few of its foreign guests. 11 Iraqis. In fact, two of them have already been flown to Baghdad. Not only have they all been refused residence in Denmark but all of them have been convicted of some crime. And we’re not talking shoplifting here. We are talking rape, arson, murder, violent assault, forgery and human trafficking. Some are guilty not just of one of the aforementioned but several of these crimes. Deportation is the only sensible thing to do with these dregs of human society. They do not belong here, they are not welcome here and they must not be permitted to stay here.

Not so, say the human rights brigades. In fact, they are trying as hard as they can to keep the swine here. Claiming everything from breach of international human rights agreements under the UN, support from Amnesty International and invoking the EU convention on refugees.

I have one question for them. What of our human rights? The good law-abiding citizens of Denmark and their human rights? Is it not a human right to be able to live without fear of running into one of these psychopathic animals imported from a land that has nothing in common with ours? Is it not a human right to be able to feel safe from scum like this? I don’t much like the idea of convicted rapists, arsonists, murderers and their like being allowed to live amongst us. Especially seeing that they have no legal right to be here in the first place.
There comes a point surely, where the common good is to be placed higher than the so called rights of someone who has no apparent respect for others or indeed for their human rights?

To hell with the EU convention, the UNHCR, Amnesty international et al. They should all be force fed with razor blades. I don’t care if these people risk retribution on their return to wherever they came from. I hope they get lots of it. I hope they get incarcerated in some stinking Iraqi prison that makes Abu-Ghraib look like a holiday camp. I don’t care if they spend the rest of their miserable lives in absolute hell.

What I do care about is the well being of my family. I do not see why I should have to be expected to live with the threat of murder, arson, housebreaking, or having my daughter or my wife raped by these imported antisocial criminals that have been refused permission to stay and then also be forced to suffer the added insult of having to finance them while they are here illegally.

I’ll tell you what I think about human rights. Mine are more important than theirs. I am, at least, trying to live by the law, not living by constantly breaking it. By living by the law I am naturally respecting others and their human rights.

And that gives me the edge over these animals in the ranking of who gets what in the human rights department. Out with them. And let it be done quickly.


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