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No, To Be Sure

Posted by Exile on June 14, 2008

See, I knew I would be glad for the Irish sooner or later. Today is the day. The only country in the EU allowed to vote on the Lisbon Treaty voted no. Hooray. I’ll be opening the Bushmills this evening and toasting the Irish voter.

According to the EU, the treaty needs to be ratified by ALL member states to become effective. This cannot happen now. Which means the treaty is a goner, like its predecessor, the EU constitution which was stopped by both France and Holland. But we all know what happened after that little Euro-debacle. The process continued with the re-writing of existing treaties to encapsulate the salient points of the constitution and resulted, after two years of secretive back office work, with the treaty which was rejected today. So I really don’t believe the process will be abandoned now. Indeed, even now, the Euro-pols are discussing how to circumvent the Irish decision. The Times reports thus;

But some European leaders appeared determined to ignore the result. Suspicions grew of a Franco-German plot to forge ahead and leave Ireland behind after Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the French Europe Minister, said: “The most important thing is that the ratification process must continue in the other countries and then we shall see with the Irish what type of legal arrangement could be found.”

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, and President Sarkozy of France – seen as the architects of the treaty – issued a joint plea for the remaining eight countries to complete ratification.

And in a similar article elsewhere in the Times;

Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission President, said he believed that other states should press ahead with the ratification process. “The no vote in Ireland has not solved the problems which the Lisbon Treaty is designed to solve,” he said.

“The ratification process is made up of 27 national processes. Eighteen member states have already approved the treaty and the European Commission believes that the remaining ratifications should continue to take their course.”

Now why should the ratification process continue? If ALL the members should be required to have the Lisbon Treaty adopted, what could be the point of continuing with something that is technically impossible? I wonder what Barroso means by “the problems the Lisbon Treaty is designed to solve”? Democratic rights problems, perhaps? After all, what EU politician has use for troublesome voters? I also wonder what Jean-Pierre Jouyet’s “legal arrangement” concerning Ireland could be.  

The truth is there for all to see. The EU Politburo has decided that we must have a constitution wether we want it or not and have it we shall. The Irish vote will be ignored, the constitution in the form of the Lisbon Treaty will be forced upon us and we will simply have to put up with it, or leave Europe. Which may not be a bad idea, considering the alternative. 

The alternative being life under a parliamentary dictatorship.


One Response to “No, To Be Sure”

  1. adaniel said

    An even more democratic solution would be if the Irish quit the Union. Than those countries where the democratically elected politicians are ratifying the Lisbon Treaty could work together in a strong economic and political alliance.

    I beg to differ. A more, indeed the most, democratic solution would be to give all the countries in “Europe” the chance to go to referenda, as did the Irish. I do not believe this treaty is wanted nor is it any way designed to further our democratic rights.

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