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God for Dummies

Posted by Exile on June 25, 2008

Two highly educated professors have started a bit of a discussion concerning intelligence and belief. According to professor Richard Lynn from the University of Ulster and a Danish professor in Intelligence, Helmuth Nyborg, only the truly unintelligent are the true believers. They have been studying the national average IQ and comparing it to the amount of citizens who say they believe in God.
That may be a bit much for some to swallow but they may just have a point. In countries such as Denmark, the average IQ is 98 and the believing percentage of the population is 46%. In Sweden the IQ is slightly higher, 99, and the believers only 36%.
In Zambia, the IQ is 71, believers over 99%. The U.A.E. has an IQ of 84 but maintains over 99%.

According to our intrepid professors, this does not mean that believing makes you stupid. They claim it’s the other way round!
First you’re stupid, then you believe.

I found another story that may shed a little light on this concerning two pilots over new Zealand. Grant Stubbs and Owen Wilson were flying their little aircraft over the country and ran out of fuel. Stubbs apparently turned to Wilson who had discovered the lack of juice and asked “What do we do now?” Wilson replied, “Pray to God, Grant!”
Knowing that crashing a light aircraft would probably mean a certain death, Stubbs did just that. The aircraft made it over the next piece of high ground and eventually landed in a small meadow. Both men escaped unhurt.
The true surprise for Stubbs was that when he finally got out of the machine he found they had landed right beside a seven meter high billboard. On it was the huge and impressive text, “Jesus is Lord – The Bible”.

Go figure!


One Response to “God for Dummies”

  1. Ginro said

    I read this, had a chuckle, and took a wild guess that the professors concerned were psychologists. I looked them up on the Internet and … lo! and behold they’re both psychologists, lol! When they finally accept the fact, that all the scientific disciplines have known for a long time, that psychology is not a science then we might start getting some common sense out of them. Until then I tend to ignore whatever comes out of psychologists mouths, lol.

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