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Title Fight

Posted by Exile on June 26, 2008

rushdieIf you really want to upset people, then do it with style. Today, Her Britannic Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, knighted a certain Mr. Salman Rushdie, whom we now have to speak of as Sir Salman Rushdie. He was knighted for his literary contribution to the world and quite rightly so by my reasoning.
Be prepared for a huge muhammedan outcry as this piece of news spreads across the crusader-victimised and downtrodden islamic world. I believe we will see rioting in Pakistan first. After all, they are the most outspoken on these matters and they know a good islamic cause when they see one. I foresee countless deaths and untold flag burnings, not to mention the torching of a few embassies. Pakistan’s national sport.

As if pissing off half the ummah wasn’t good enough, Her Majesty decided to piss off a couple of our African acquaintances at the same time. Robert Mugabe, who was knighted in 1994 when he was still seen as something of a leader of his people, has been relieved of his knighthood. Not that I ever thought of him as Sir Robert Mugabe. I always reckoned him to be something of a despot. Turned out, I was right. This removal of his title is a simple way for Her Majesty to show her disapproval of the actions of  Mr. Mugabe, as we are now to speak of him, now that he has been reduced to ranks the common man once again.

Her Majesty giveth and Her Majesty taketh away.

Don’t you just love the machinations of power! 


One Response to “Title Fight”

  1. jj said

    Mick Jagger was knighted for what? Maybe just the Queens satisfaction (?) while Keith Richards declined as did David Bowie and others. This American does not understand. Is not knighthood reserved for heroes? Someone please clue me in as to my ignorance.

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