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The Growing List

Posted by Exile on June 28, 2008

I don’t often publish my email. This one turned up asking me specifically to do so. Read the mail below and you will see why.

Udo and Doris Ulfkotte had to go into hiding under police protection. A video appeared on the net, with two people claiming they were Udo and Doris Ulfkotte and started a heavy hate speech against turks and other muslims.

Now there are thousands of turks hunting Mrs. Ulfkotte, there is even a 1000 euro bounty on her head. Voice and email message are coming in and call for their death, even from outside Germany. The MSM don’t want to publish the story, although it could help them (they were NOT the authors of the video!)

We are trying to get the message out as much as possible.

A summary in English together is available on: This link.

I have no idea who the “we” that is trying to publicise this is, but I do know that the story is true. As to why the MSM won’t publish this, well, your guess is as good as mine, but Udo Ulfkotte has trodden on a few toes in his own country and not all of them were brown or in sandals. He is also not much loved within the realms of the European politburo in Brussels.

The old phrase about my enemy’s enemies comes to mind. 

Either way, I don’t much go for the idea of muslims on a manhunt anywhere and least of all in our own backyard. It’s time we stopped this constant threatening from them and I would dearly like to see the German government taking a more than firm stance on this one. I wonder how quickly they would react if there was a public price on the head of some prominent muslim? 

Add yet another couple to the ever growing list, starting with Sir Salman Rushdie, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders, et al.

When will we have had enough of this?


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