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Masters in Their Own Land?

Posted by Exile on July 30, 2008

No longer, it would appear. The Danes are experiencing a slight, although not unimportant, crisis regarding the stringent laws in this country concerning immigration and the reunification of families. The laws have been there for some time and most Danes seem to think some form of control is necessary but the EU is about to wipe that off the board after the EU courts passed judgement on a series of four cases from Ireland. Ireland has similar immigration laws to Denmark with similar demands of would be immigrants. This overruling of the Irish immigration laws may be payback after the Irish “no” vote to the Lisbon Treaty, but it will have far reaching effects, not least in Denmark.

From the Copenhagen Post:

Experts say that EU law overrides the government’s plan to extend the immigration Danish test. The government’s plan to extend the Danish test for immigrants coming to Denmark under the family reunification scheme is thrown into doubt.

The government’s plan to extend the Danish test for immigrants coming to Denmark under the family reunification scheme is thrown into doubt as experts say that EU law will override the need for it.

‘If you use the EU rules, you can dodge the immigration Danish test.  All of the strict Danish immigration laws can be shot down and ripped to pieces by the EU court,’ said Peter Starup of the University of Southern Denmark to TV2 news.

Nils Bak of the Immigration Service confirmed that EU rules authorise family reunification regardless of the Danish 24-year rule and other current requirements such as having greater ties to Denmark than to any other country.

The Danish People’s Party has called on the government to act immediately to prevent Danish law from being undermined by EU legislation. “We want the government to close the holes in the immigration law and they should take this all the way to the EU, so this will not reoccur in the future,” said Morten Messerchmidt, the party’s integration spokesman.The Liberal party spokesman, Søren Pind urged the government to investigate if EU legislation overrides Danish immigration policy.

This follows reports that EU regulations on free movement of labour between member states effectively undermine the 24-year rule. Previously, if a Dane married a foreigner and both were not over the age of 24, they were forced to live abroad.

Now it has been reported that if they work for as little as two weeks in another EU country, they can exercise this EU right and bypass the Danish immigration policy.

One of Denmark’s leading authorities on EU law and legal practise, Prof. Hjalte Rasmussen, from Copenhagen University, thinks that now would be a good time to take the battle to the EU courts and the EU commission. “We have reached the point where I would recommend a test case. That is to say, that we have read the judgement of the EU court but will not follow it because it was made in an area beyond the competence of that court.” 

Perhaps I should leave the (almost) last word to Minister for Integration, Birthe Rønn Hornbech.
“How long should we put up with the EU judges going off on their own tangent?” she asks.

A long time, I presume. After all, the government of Denmark ratified the Lisbon Treaty without even asking it’s people if they thought it was a good idea or not. Danish law is now secondary to EU law.

It’s a bit late for the same politicians that so willingly and obligingly signed away their national rights to the greater EU to be screaming over sovereignty now, isn’t it? 

Too late, it seems, they have realised their mistake. This may all get very interesting in the next few weeks.

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Iceberg Salad

Posted by Exile on July 19, 2008

As if the usual insomnia wasn’t enough. Now I no longer lie awake at night wondering how I am going to pay for both food and petrol, or how I am going to get something done about my overgrown garden, I have discovered another worry factor that will absolutely keep me up for weeks. This is terrible. I am derelict in my contemplation of the awful consequences of this new threat to both myself and my dear ones. Read all about it here, from the Timesonline:

A new global warming threat to the fragile marine ecosystems of Antarctica has been identified, with the discovery that an increasing number of icebergs are tearing up the sea floor and destroying any life in their way.

The shallow habitats of species such as giant sea spiders, Antarctic worms, sea urchins and corals are facing a growing risk from icebergs, according to research that shows more bergs are floating freely in coastal waters as temperatures rise.

MMGW A new global warming threat! Doubtlessly, man made and unstoppable. Armageddon is upon us. What is one to do? What will become of us all? Not to mention the giant sea spiders. I thought that the growing crime rate, the destruction of western culture, unchecked immigration, rising food prices and the depletion of our (ever so important) oil reserves and so on were bad enough, but the thought of all those poor sea urchins and submarine worms getting squished to bits by free roving malignant icebergs is just too much to bear. And the rising temperatures? Well, I don’t know. I am crushed. This will change my outlook on life.

Iceberg scour is a natural phenomenon, and while it is destructive on a local level it often adds to broader biodiversity by clearing spaces for new life to populate. Scientists, however, are concerned that a substantial increase in the rate of scouring could have unpredictable consequences, creating swaths of shallow water in which organisms with longer life-cycles cannot become established. “The whole balance of the ecosystem could be affected, with consequences that are very difficult to predict,” said Dan Smale, who led the study.

Oh, well. There you go. A natural phenomenon. Adds to broader biodiversity.  Difficult to predict.
Do I detect a little panic mongering in the article? Or should that be fund raising?

The research project had been running for five years. It is now over. What are these eco scientists going to do now? A new project must be created. They have it already.

“The focus of research has all been on rising temperatures, but what has been overlooked is that it isn’t just warming of the water that changes the structure of the ecosystem. The distribution of species is likely to be just as important, and that is going to be affected by iceberg scour.”

Aha. I thought so. Perhaps I don’t need to lie bathed in sweat every night for weeks after all. I wonder just how long it will take for them to ascertain and document the “effects of man made global warming on the distribution of species coupled with iceberg scouring in the Antarctic”? Which is as they mentioned, a natural phenomenon. Shall we estimate another five years? Yeah, that should do it.
And I wonder, just how much “green stuff” that will cost us taxpayers? And just how is it supposed to affect me? Other than footing the bill for another pointless and unnecessary eco-idiotic project? It won’t.

In closing, I have to mention this last piece of information to be found in the article over at the Times:

The research, published in the journal Science , has been dedicated to Kirsty Brown, who died in 2003 while conducting fieldwork at the BAS’s Rothera Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula. Ms Brown, 28, who drowned when she was attacked by a leopard seal while snorkling.

She was probably distracted by one of those giant sea spiders. They scare the hell out of me!

Link: Timesonline.co.uk article.

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Belgian Breakdown

Posted by Exile on July 18, 2008

If I recall correctly, one of the things I enjoyed about being in Brussels last September for the SIOE demo, was meeting and talking to some of the representatives for Vlaams Belang and getting their views on a free Flanders. Free from Belgium, that is. Free from the likes of Freddy Thieleman, the left wing mayor of Brussels and free from the EU.

They may be a step closer to that with the collapse of the four month old government, which came into being after nine months of political stalemate following the last elections in Belgium.

The VB has been labeled as racist, nazist, extreme right wing, islamophobic, xenophobic, white supremacist and all things equal by their opponents on the left who basically are pandering to French Wallonia, which is sucking up all and any profit from the Flandrian part of Belgium, to support it’s high proportion of welfare financed citizens. No wonder the Flemish are looking for independence. It has nothing to do with the labels that the left are more than prepared to hang on it.

This leftist view is all too plainly visible in the MSM. Indeed, even the Guardian in the UK is on the bandwagon. According to Sarah Morris;

“The idea of an independent Flanders used to be only seriously defended by the region’s far right, racist party Vlaams Belang, which means “Flemish interests” in Dutch. If the ideas of that party eventually influence the foundation of any new nation state, its laws and institutions, such a country has no place in the EU.”

Well, good. If that’s the case and Flanders finally gets thrown out of the EU along with it’s independence, I’ll move there!

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The "IT" Factor

Posted by Exile on July 13, 2008

I can’t help having a bit of a giggle when it comes to religion. I don’t support any superstition, theological or otherwise, so I can afford to sit back and let the others get on with muddling their world with the somewhat foolish notion, that something is out there steering every event in one’s life, country, job or whatever. Others however, take it all a bit seriously and demand the right to a god. An all powerful super-jerk that continues to meddle in the affairs of man. Or woman.

Indeed, it is the ladies that have my attention right now. Especially those in Iceland, Norway and Sweden. See, these amazon religious types have decided that god is a woman. One can even become a professor in female theology. In Iceland they have set up a female church where she is worshipped in all her magnificent pulchritude. Even the thing called the holy spirit is mentioned as female. Whatever she might be. Quite how they tackle the historical figure of Jesus is not mentioned in the few sources I have at my disposal. I suppose they will castrate him at some point and he will undergo a sex change operation in ancient Babylon or some such place and be renamed Jesette, or Jessica, or something else. How about “Jess-isha”? Yeah, works for me.

Either way, I don’t buy it. I mean, if there really was a god and it was a female, then the world would be a terrible place to live in. One would be in a constant state of worry as to what was going to happen every fourth week of the calendar, simply because, that’s just the way it is. Can you imagine an all powerful supreme being with PMS?

Good grief!

If there is anyone left out there that still goes for this religion stuff, I ask you, please, to get your act together. All of you. You all claim that there is only one god. Right. So who does he support in major religious warfare? Or is that beyond him or her? Or do you each have your own and deny the existence of the others? Black, red, blue or white? Gay or straight? Genius or madman (sorry) mad person? And if sex has to come into the argument, why not just go for “IT”. A sexless god. And while we’re about it, let’s look at “Mother Nature”, “Mother Earth” and “Old Father Time”. That ought to keep the sexists busy for a while.

When man decided that all he could not explain was down to a god, he didn’t know what he started. We should know better. But no. Even our politicians are driven by “IT”. How can I be satisfied by being governed by someone who is driven by his, or her, overwhelming imagination? I don’t believe in fairies at the bottom of my garden nor do I believe in a super creature outside of it. Male, female or otherwise. And I am not alone, thankfully.

Time to stop this nonsense. Before anyone else gets killed in the name of it.

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Fighting Crime in Denmark

Posted by Exile on July 3, 2008

Reading the local press is pretty depressing stuff if you are interested in the crime statistics. Daily we can read about the spiraling drug abuse, muggings, stabbings, rape, burglary, theft, murder and bank robbery et al. We have a police force of 11,000 officers in Denmark. That’s one for every 500 of us ordinary folk. Not surprising then, that you can get away with almost anything these days. In fact the police say they are undermanned, so there are probably around 600 of us for every policeman we can muster. One wonders how they cope with the constant fight against serious crime.

Actually, I don’t think it concerns them that much. I am convinced that there is no profit in putting the real criminals behind bars. Motorists on the other hand are a boon to the state. They are easily identified, easy to see and even easier to criminalise. So the police are putting a huge nationwide action together, starting today and lasting four days, to stop all those highly dangerous criminal drivers who dare to drive a little faster than the allowed limit. They have all the necessary equipment. Cameras, laser guns and all kinds of speed measuring stuff. The fines are exorbitant. The income is huge. Undermanned or not, police resources will be thrown at this.

Why have I never heard of a national campaign to catch and imprison unruly youngsters who have no idea of “yours and mine”. How about a nationwide police action against rape or violent assault? How about a nationwide search for all the weapons that get carried illegally into our streets? No. You see, drivers are not usually violent or threatening. Easy meat with no risk for an ambitious policeman eager to improve his arrest and charge sheet statistics.

One could wonder how much the whole operation will cost, but that would be pointless. The operation will be self financing. The state will profit from this action. Not because drivers are criminals at heart but because they need to get to work on our overcrowded and over-regulated roads, and they need to get home quickly to pick up the kids after eight hours at work (for them) and ten hours at the kindergarten, or school, for their kids. Why do they need to get home so quick to pick up the kids?

Because are streets aren’t safe anymore. The real criminals are untouchable. Not to mention, unprofitable.

Drive carefully folks. At least, until the weekend is over.

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Tobacco Control is Out of Control

Posted by Exile on July 2, 2008

The final proof arrived today as Holland brought it’s nationwide ban on smoking in cafés, bars and restaurants into effect. I say it is out of control because it finally has gone way over the intended target. One could easily have decided on the freedom of choice to smoke or not and for proprietors of public venues to choose for themselves if they allow smoking or not. But no. It’s a blanket ban.

The problem in Holland is that you are allowed to smoke cannabis. That is not affected by the anti-tobacco laws. The problem is, that the cannabis houses and cafés are still able to allow people to smoke weed but now they aren’t allowed to mix tobacco with the grass. How bloody silly is that? I hope some Dutch cigarette maker decides to start full production of weed only cigarettes. Joints in a crush proof wrapper.

For most of us in our youth, we experienced officers of the law inspecting our hand rolling tobacco for marijuana and the like. In Holland apparently, they will have to do the opposite. Checking the weed to see if there is any of the foul and deadly tobacco in the pouch. Can you imagine your local sheriff, bobby or other such officer of the law asking, “Hey son, got any tobacco in that grass?”.
I tell you, the world’s gone mad and we’re all prisoners in it. You can sit in a bar and snort cocaine and no-one bats an eyelid, but light up a cigarette containing what is still a perfectly legal product and you get arrested. How on earth did we arrive here?

Oh well, time to light my pipe and ponder. Now what’s it to be, Macbaren’s Plumcake, the Navy cut or the ready rubbed Red Afghan?

Depends where I’m going to smoke it I suppose.

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