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Tobacco Control is Out of Control

Posted by Exile on July 2, 2008

The final proof arrived today as Holland brought it’s nationwide ban on smoking in cafés, bars and restaurants into effect. I say it is out of control because it finally has gone way over the intended target. One could easily have decided on the freedom of choice to smoke or not and for proprietors of public venues to choose for themselves if they allow smoking or not. But no. It’s a blanket ban.

The problem in Holland is that you are allowed to smoke cannabis. That is not affected by the anti-tobacco laws. The problem is, that the cannabis houses and cafés are still able to allow people to smoke weed but now they aren’t allowed to mix tobacco with the grass. How bloody silly is that? I hope some Dutch cigarette maker decides to start full production of weed only cigarettes. Joints in a crush proof wrapper.

For most of us in our youth, we experienced officers of the law inspecting our hand rolling tobacco for marijuana and the like. In Holland apparently, they will have to do the opposite. Checking the weed to see if there is any of the foul and deadly tobacco in the pouch. Can you imagine your local sheriff, bobby or other such officer of the law asking, “Hey son, got any tobacco in that grass?”.
I tell you, the world’s gone mad and we’re all prisoners in it. You can sit in a bar and snort cocaine and no-one bats an eyelid, but light up a cigarette containing what is still a perfectly legal product and you get arrested. How on earth did we arrive here?

Oh well, time to light my pipe and ponder. Now what’s it to be, Macbaren’s Plumcake, the Navy cut or the ready rubbed Red Afghan?

Depends where I’m going to smoke it I suppose.


2 Responses to “Tobacco Control is Out of Control”

  1. […] Tobacco Control is Out of Control « On the Wing Tobacco Control is Out of Control […]

    This site did give me the credit for writing the post. I will allow this pingback to stand. There is some good info on the site too.

  2. sandrar said

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    How kind. Thanks. I removed your spam URL… Hope you don’t mind!

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