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Fighting Crime in Denmark

Posted by Exile on July 3, 2008

Reading the local press is pretty depressing stuff if you are interested in the crime statistics. Daily we can read about the spiraling drug abuse, muggings, stabbings, rape, burglary, theft, murder and bank robbery et al. We have a police force of 11,000 officers in Denmark. That’s one for every 500 of us ordinary folk. Not surprising then, that you can get away with almost anything these days. In fact the police say they are undermanned, so there are probably around 600 of us for every policeman we can muster. One wonders how they cope with the constant fight against serious crime.

Actually, I don’t think it concerns them that much. I am convinced that there is no profit in putting the real criminals behind bars. Motorists on the other hand are a boon to the state. They are easily identified, easy to see and even easier to criminalise. So the police are putting a huge nationwide action together, starting today and lasting four days, to stop all those highly dangerous criminal drivers who dare to drive a little faster than the allowed limit. They have all the necessary equipment. Cameras, laser guns and all kinds of speed measuring stuff. The fines are exorbitant. The income is huge. Undermanned or not, police resources will be thrown at this.

Why have I never heard of a national campaign to catch and imprison unruly youngsters who have no idea of “yours and mine”. How about a nationwide police action against rape or violent assault? How about a nationwide search for all the weapons that get carried illegally into our streets? No. You see, drivers are not usually violent or threatening. Easy meat with no risk for an ambitious policeman eager to improve his arrest and charge sheet statistics.

One could wonder how much the whole operation will cost, but that would be pointless. The operation will be self financing. The state will profit from this action. Not because drivers are criminals at heart but because they need to get to work on our overcrowded and over-regulated roads, and they need to get home quickly to pick up the kids after eight hours at work (for them) and ten hours at the kindergarten, or school, for their kids. Why do they need to get home so quick to pick up the kids?

Because are streets aren’t safe anymore. The real criminals are untouchable. Not to mention, unprofitable.

Drive carefully folks. At least, until the weekend is over.


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