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The "IT" Factor

Posted by Exile on July 13, 2008

I can’t help having a bit of a giggle when it comes to religion. I don’t support any superstition, theological or otherwise, so I can afford to sit back and let the others get on with muddling their world with the somewhat foolish notion, that something is out there steering every event in one’s life, country, job or whatever. Others however, take it all a bit seriously and demand the right to a god. An all powerful super-jerk that continues to meddle in the affairs of man. Or woman.

Indeed, it is the ladies that have my attention right now. Especially those in Iceland, Norway and Sweden. See, these amazon religious types have decided that god is a woman. One can even become a professor in female theology. In Iceland they have set up a female church where she is worshipped in all her magnificent pulchritude. Even the thing called the holy spirit is mentioned as female. Whatever she might be. Quite how they tackle the historical figure of Jesus is not mentioned in the few sources I have at my disposal. I suppose they will castrate him at some point and he will undergo a sex change operation in ancient Babylon or some such place and be renamed Jesette, or Jessica, or something else. How about “Jess-isha”? Yeah, works for me.

Either way, I don’t buy it. I mean, if there really was a god and it was a female, then the world would be a terrible place to live in. One would be in a constant state of worry as to what was going to happen every fourth week of the calendar, simply because, that’s just the way it is. Can you imagine an all powerful supreme being with PMS?

Good grief!

If there is anyone left out there that still goes for this religion stuff, I ask you, please, to get your act together. All of you. You all claim that there is only one god. Right. So who does he support in major religious warfare? Or is that beyond him or her? Or do you each have your own and deny the existence of the others? Black, red, blue or white? Gay or straight? Genius or madman (sorry) mad person? And if sex has to come into the argument, why not just go for “IT”. A sexless god. And while we’re about it, let’s look at “Mother Nature”, “Mother Earth” and “Old Father Time”. That ought to keep the sexists busy for a while.

When man decided that all he could not explain was down to a god, he didn’t know what he started. We should know better. But no. Even our politicians are driven by “IT”. How can I be satisfied by being governed by someone who is driven by his, or her, overwhelming imagination? I don’t believe in fairies at the bottom of my garden nor do I believe in a super creature outside of it. Male, female or otherwise. And I am not alone, thankfully.

Time to stop this nonsense. Before anyone else gets killed in the name of it.


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