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Belgian Breakdown

Posted by Exile on July 18, 2008

If I recall correctly, one of the things I enjoyed about being in Brussels last September for the SIOE demo, was meeting and talking to some of the representatives for Vlaams Belang and getting their views on a free Flanders. Free from Belgium, that is. Free from the likes of Freddy Thieleman, the left wing mayor of Brussels and free from the EU.

They may be a step closer to that with the collapse of the four month old government, which came into being after nine months of political stalemate following the last elections in Belgium.

The VB has been labeled as racist, nazist, extreme right wing, islamophobic, xenophobic, white supremacist and all things equal by their opponents on the left who basically are pandering to French Wallonia, which is sucking up all and any profit from the Flandrian part of Belgium, to support it’s high proportion of welfare financed citizens. No wonder the Flemish are looking for independence. It has nothing to do with the labels that the left are more than prepared to hang on it.

This leftist view is all too plainly visible in the MSM. Indeed, even the Guardian in the UK is on the bandwagon. According to Sarah Morris;

“The idea of an independent Flanders used to be only seriously defended by the region’s far right, racist party Vlaams Belang, which means “Flemish interests” in Dutch. If the ideas of that party eventually influence the foundation of any new nation state, its laws and institutions, such a country has no place in the EU.”

Well, good. If that’s the case and Flanders finally gets thrown out of the EU along with it’s independence, I’ll move there!


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