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Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Posted by Exile on August 28, 2008

A few strange developments are grabbing headlines in Denmark today. Both concern the legalised piracy of my hard earned money in the form of taxes for this, that and the other, that I have no interest in supporting in any way shape or form.

The first piece of bad news I heard today is that there has been a little bit of swindle and theft going on in what we laughingly call foreign aid. I think we all know by now that this so called aid doesn’t work and merely perpetuates the problem it was intended to solve by making these countries, that would otherwise develop naturally, totally dependant on handouts. Which actually stops development. This little swindle number has roots all across the face of the world and is costing us a mere 180,000,000 Danish Crowns ($36,000,000)  this year. Let’s not worry about all the other years, we’ve all paid our taxes.

What’s a mere 180 million between, well, friends? Hell. I can afford it. I’m a rich westerner. I could be richer, but no matter. My hard earned cash is going to be taken from me by governmental piracy anyway and I can’t take it with me. I have no right to withhold my taxes. Which are set by the government. They tell me how to use my money, not the other way round.

But the second bit of news really gets my craw up. It too, concerns this foreign aid crap. Our wonderful government, not overly concerned about being robbed of 180 million of my tax money this year, are planning on raising the amount we dish out, free of charge, of my tax money, of which I pay far too much of anyway, so that even more may be swindled away by crooked accountants in lands that I have no reason to support in the first place. Or stolen by despotic leaders in these so called under developed countries.

Isn’t it about time we put an end to this idiocy?

Or am I the only one who feels this is just plain wrong?

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Please Raise Your Hands

Posted by Exile on August 16, 2008

I’m all for bringing back a little discipline to the classroom, but this seems a little extreme…!!

From Reuters:

HOUSTON (Reuters) – A Texas school district will let teachers bring guns to class this fall, the district’s superintendent said on Friday, in what experts said appeared to be a first in the United States.

The board of the small rural Harrold Independent School District unanimously approved the plan and parents have not objected, said the district’s superintendent, David Thweatt.

School experts backed Thweatt’s claim that Harrold, a system of about 110 students 150 miles northwest of Fort Worth, may be the first to let teachers bring guns to the classroom.

Thweatt said it is a matter of safety.

A matter of safety?


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Georgia On My Mind

Posted by Exile on August 12, 2008

Reading the Timesonline today, I found an article concerning the Russian use of “overwhelming and disproportional force” in the little state of Georgia. No, not the American one, the other Georgia. People in the country are questioning the absence of any support from NATO et al and asking quite simply, that since they helped by sending troops to Kosovo and Iraq, why aren’t we sending troops to help them? Here’s a few quotes from the Times:

As a Russian jet bombed fields around his village, Djimali Avago, a Georgian farmer, asked me: “Why won’t America and Nato help us? If they won’t help us now, why did we help them in Iraq?”


Miriyan Gogolashvili, of Tkviav, said: “The Russians will be here tomorrow. They want to show us and the world how powerful they are. Tomorrow it will be Ukraine and nobody in the West is doing anything to stop them. Why were our soldiers in Kosovo and Iraq if we don’t get any help from the West now?”


A similar sense of betrayal coursed through the conversations of many Georgians here yesterday as their troops retreated under shellfire and the Russian Army pressed forward to take full control of South Ossetia.

Well, sorry Georgians, but it doesn’t work like that. See, we can take on a tinpot regime like the Kosovars and Serbs and the Iraqis and even Afghanistan with impunity because these little states can’t hit us back. We can bomb the crap out of them and they can’t retaliate anyway. We got involved in Serbia because we couldn’t have a nasty little civil war going on in civilised Europe now could we? And Iraq has oil, so we had to get rid of Saddam because he wouldn’t sell it to us, and Afghanistan was home to a handful of unlovable types who just happened to be able to hijack some of or own aircraft and wreck one of our business centers. We couldn’t let that go unpunished. And we were confident of winning the “war”, even if we did screw up the peace.

But, Russia…?

No. See, those bastards have got bombers, missiles and a huge army and other scary shit that can actually reach us over here. They could hurt us. Our politicians couldn’t bear the thought of that first big bomb landing smack in the middle of Brussels or London, Paris, Berlin or Washington D.C. And Putin and co. know this.

So, sorry Georgians. You’re on your own. We’ll cheer from the sidelines and we’ll make a few political decisions about how to speak of this in public and the all powerless U.N. and we’ll even verbally condemn the Russian army and Putin and his band of cronies. Perhaps a few trade embargos. Sanctions. You know. Harmless stuff that won’t hurt them. But actually do something? No.

We’re far too scared of the great Russian bear to do that. Nothing personal. It’s just the way it is.

Oh, I nearly forgot, good luck and god help you.

We won’t. We’re watching the Olympics. Much less dangerous.

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Posted by Exile on August 2, 2008

Denmark is no longer alone in it’s criticism of the latest outpouring from the CEJ, the Court of European Justice, concerning the rights of immigrants and the reunification of families. Ten other countries have also joined in, raising a voice of dissent against the judicial super power that the CEJ has become. Courts should not dictate policies. That is a job for the politicians, not judges.

The initial outrage in Denmark has been reduced to political indignation. It is now described as “criticism” of the EU as opposed to the outright rejection of the ruling that raised it’s head a few days ago. The good news is that Great Britain, Germany, The Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Holland and I daresay Ireland plus a few others, are equally as critical of the CEJ as is Denmark.

The EU spokesman for the ruling Liberal Party (Venstre)  put it rather nicely:

“If the CEJ can trump national parliaments on this sensitive issue, then that is a ticking bomb that no EU member state wishes to continue to tick because it could end badly.”

Indeed it could. And I for one hope that it does. A simple weapon to be used here would be the withdrawal of the document of ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. The treaty cannot be enforced yet as all the member states have to ratify it first. The Irish won’t. The Czechs are dragging their heels, as is Poland. Which means that individual states could withdraw their support by merely going to Italy and asking for the return of the deposited ratification document.

Now that the consequences of the Lisbon Treaty are being felt, even before it comes into being, there may be more states that support the Irish and maybe even one or two that need to rethink the situation.

I wonder how the EU bosses will fix this one? A new ruling from the CEJ?

“There will be no dissent….”

Don’t laugh. Read the Lisbon Treaty. Sovereignty in Europe is dead.

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