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Georgia On My Mind

Posted by Exile on August 12, 2008

Reading the Timesonline today, I found an article concerning the Russian use of “overwhelming and disproportional force” in the little state of Georgia. No, not the American one, the other Georgia. People in the country are questioning the absence of any support from NATO et al and asking quite simply, that since they helped by sending troops to Kosovo and Iraq, why aren’t we sending troops to help them? Here’s a few quotes from the Times:

As a Russian jet bombed fields around his village, Djimali Avago, a Georgian farmer, asked me: “Why won’t America and Nato help us? If they won’t help us now, why did we help them in Iraq?”


Miriyan Gogolashvili, of Tkviav, said: “The Russians will be here tomorrow. They want to show us and the world how powerful they are. Tomorrow it will be Ukraine and nobody in the West is doing anything to stop them. Why were our soldiers in Kosovo and Iraq if we don’t get any help from the West now?”


A similar sense of betrayal coursed through the conversations of many Georgians here yesterday as their troops retreated under shellfire and the Russian Army pressed forward to take full control of South Ossetia.

Well, sorry Georgians, but it doesn’t work like that. See, we can take on a tinpot regime like the Kosovars and Serbs and the Iraqis and even Afghanistan with impunity because these little states can’t hit us back. We can bomb the crap out of them and they can’t retaliate anyway. We got involved in Serbia because we couldn’t have a nasty little civil war going on in civilised Europe now could we? And Iraq has oil, so we had to get rid of Saddam because he wouldn’t sell it to us, and Afghanistan was home to a handful of unlovable types who just happened to be able to hijack some of or own aircraft and wreck one of our business centers. We couldn’t let that go unpunished. And we were confident of winning the “war”, even if we did screw up the peace.

But, Russia…?

No. See, those bastards have got bombers, missiles and a huge army and other scary shit that can actually reach us over here. They could hurt us. Our politicians couldn’t bear the thought of that first big bomb landing smack in the middle of Brussels or London, Paris, Berlin or Washington D.C. And Putin and co. know this.

So, sorry Georgians. You’re on your own. We’ll cheer from the sidelines and we’ll make a few political decisions about how to speak of this in public and the all powerless U.N. and we’ll even verbally condemn the Russian army and Putin and his band of cronies. Perhaps a few trade embargos. Sanctions. You know. Harmless stuff that won’t hurt them. But actually do something? No.

We’re far too scared of the great Russian bear to do that. Nothing personal. It’s just the way it is.

Oh, I nearly forgot, good luck and god help you.

We won’t. We’re watching the Olympics. Much less dangerous.


One Response to “Georgia On My Mind”

  1. jj said

    Never trusted Putin being former KGB. He totally took Bush down the garden path. Where is Reagan when we need him (again)? I suspect it is all about the re-aquistion of the former USSR states.

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