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Breaking the Mould

Posted by Exile on September 5, 2008

This article appeared in the Timesonline. I couldn’t help but read it. If you ever thought about home schooling then you should read it too. A few excerpts:

Schools are not clearly “right”, either. People tend to think that what everyone does and what they themselves experienced must be right. But there is nothing obviously ideal about delivering your children to other people who do not love them as you do, and who are likely to teach them things with which you may disagree.
For those who can find a way, home-educating is a glorious, liberating, empowering, profoundly fulfilling thing to do. Far more people should try it.

Read it here: Timesonline

If ever there was a way to break the hold of social democracy, or whatever the left may be calling it these days, then this may be it. Our children are being subjected to a re-written history with great chunks of our culture erased for the sake of multiculturalism.

If we really want to take back the culture then we have to take our kids back first.


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