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So That’s Why the Northern Polar Ice is Melting…

Posted by Exile on September 7, 2008

I read an article today from the Timesonline concerning a huge ice floe that has broken away from the northern ice cap of this planet. It is, quote: “the size of Manhattan”; unquote. The article also goes on to state that this ice will not be readily replaced due to, yes, you guessed it, Man Made Global Warming and all that jazz.

Well yippee. That’s going to make shipping over the area much easier. Think of the fuel we’ll save. Personally, I won’t be losing much sleep over this latest piece of global warming activity rubbish. Melting ice does nothing to the sea level. Ask Archimedes. It wouldn’t matter if the whole lot disappeared tomorrow. Unless you’re a polar bear or some such thing and your way of life is dependant on getting cold at least once a day.

MMGWThe thing that really had me in stitches was one of the comments to the article. I hope this guy is joking, because if not, then he is truly lacking in education.

Surely if heat rises then it would also tend to congregate in the northern regions of the planet and as it builds up would then cover more southerly areas pushing the coldest air to the south.

Now that really is a cause for concern! Look out Australia.

Don’t believe me? Then go read the article and the comments: Timesonline


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