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Brussels Revisited

Posted by Exile on October 14, 2008

Having had good reason to travel all the way to Germany last weekend, a group of friends plus myself took a week off work and made a late holiday of it. Our business concluded, we journeyed off to Brussels.

The last time I was there was in September last year. I was there for the SIOE demonstration that was so badly mauled by the Belgian police at the invitation of mayor Freddie Thieleman. Well, I hope he’s happy now because as far as I could see, Brussels is lost to us. The demography has shifted, the white people are leaving in droves and the town looks even more depressed than it did a year ago. I will not be going back there again. Ever. The centre of Brussels is encircled by a ring of foreign occupation that stretches out in every direction round the old city. It doesn’t feel safe to be out after twelve at night. The town is beginning to decay. Gangs of youngsters hang around on street corners most of the evening and when they get bored they appear to amuse themselves by setting fire to the piles of rubbish that adorn the streets and then wait for the fire services and police to arrive. It happened every evening in the area of our hotel, which was no further than 1000 metres from “Le Grand Plads”. Even if it didn’t come to violence, the tension in the air was obvious.

Poor old Brussels. Once magnificent, now slowly dying, is a non-European multicultural disaster area.

Don’t go there. It isn’t worth the bother any more.


2 Responses to “Brussels Revisited”

  1. Pity you didn’t let me know it would have been nice to pop over to Brussels and sink a pint or two with you

    Deep Regards

    Hello old son, nice to hear from you again.. Cheers.

  2. Mikael said

    I visited Brussels back in the early 90ies. Good Lord! It must be the most ugly, boring, and charmless capitol in the entire geographical Europe. I wouldn’t venture there again if I had a gun to my head!

    That makes two of us then Mikael. And nice to see you here again..

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