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Posted by Exile on November 30, 2008

imageI received a comment today on one of my past posts concerning my favourite peeve, man made global warming. See, I don’t believe it. I believe that certain people invented it, mainly as a reason for squeezing more tax money out of me, but I don’t believe the CO2 claptrap or the man made aspect of global climate change. The comment I refer to here was placed by a man who probably agrees with me. It was signed thus;

Tom Harris
Executive Director
International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)

Humbled by this, I began to investigate the source. Mr. Harris was good enough to link the ICSC in his comment and I promptly clicked the link. Hallelujah! I am not alone. I will provide links later for anyone who is interested in gathering some well needed ammunition to throw back at the greenies and feel it may be prudent to inject some common sense into the argument concerning Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The site itself is well presented and hosts a mine of information and references. One should take the time to read the “About us” section. The list of credentials is surprisingly long. Personalities are also linked to their own websites and, in some cases, CV’s.

One of the directly useful elements of the site is a simple download. A .pdf document entitled;

“The Skeptics Handbook”.

Which will show you how to:-

“Rise above the mudslinging in the Global Warming debate. Here are the strategies and tools you need to cut through the red-herrings, and avoid the traps.”

Download and read it. Then investigate the rest of the site. It really sticks it to the failing IPCC pointing out not only errors, but downright lies as well. Al Gore, your nemesis is here.

My thanks to Mr. Tom Harris for enlightening me and for his astute comment on my post.



My original post

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British Terrorists in Bombay?

Posted by Exile on November 29, 2008

According to a certain Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh, Chief Minister of Maharashtra state, two British-born Pakistanis were among eight gunmen arrested by Indian authorities.

This has since been played down by the British prime minister and his foreign secretary and has been subsequently denied by the Indian government. In fact, the indians are saying that Mr. Deshmukh never said it. Which is a bit strange, because the rumours were out within 48 hours after the start of the attack. So someone must have blabbed.

The indian authorities also denied any British caualties. Which is also strange as at least one prominent figure, the only known Briton confirmed dead, was Andreas Liveras, a 73-year-old yachting tycoon shot dead in the Taj Mahal Palace hotel on Wednesday night. So someone must have been told to shut up.

Reading my last post, directly below, before the crap hit the ventilator in Bombay, I think the British government are having a hard time controlling the effects I described. What was that I found in the TOL?

Oh yes. Here it is;

About 400,000 British Pakistanis are estimated to travel between the UK and Pakistan each year. A disproportionate number can trace their lineage back to Kashmir. For the small number seeking a gateway to alQaeda, Kashmiri militant organisations are the obvious first port of call.

Sometimes, I amaze myself.

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Lack of Intelligence

Posted by Exile on November 24, 2008

I couldn’t believe this piece of news found on the Timesonline this morning.

Britain’s intelligence services appear to have been kept in the dark about Saturday’s US missile attack on a house in northwest Pakistan that reportedly killed Rashid Rauf, a top British al-Qaeda suspect.

Although his death will take a few days to be confirmed officially, the strike by a Predator drone, armed with Hellfire missiles and precision-guided bombs, was the first time that the US had targeted a British suspect hiding in the lawless North Waziristan region of Pakistan.

Two senior MPs yesterday demanded to know whether the British Government had been given notice of the planned attack, which was a CIA operation controlled from a US military base in Nevada.

Patrick Mercer, Tory MP for Newark, said the attack had “ultimately led to the execution of a British subject”. He called for a clear statement from the Government to explain what was known about the planned attack. Andrew Dismore, Labour chairman of the parliamentary Human Rights Committee, wanted to know whether British intelligence services had been consulted by the Americans.

Frankly, who gives a hoot? The world is better off without him. I hope the US gets to kill a few more before the new POTUS gets round to calling off the whole operation on the grounds that it is this sort of change that the world needs. Why two “senior MP’s” would worry about this is astonishing. What was this upstanding member of the British society doing in North Waziristan anyway? The man was a known Al-queda thug, probably planning some devious terrorist act and was equally probably getting the OK from his bosses in Pakistan to carry it out. He is of no great loss to the British nation. Quite the reverse. The British nation is going to be a lot better off without him. The Americans did something that the British government would never have the brass face to do. Openly kill a known terrorist. Heaven knows, if the late Mr. Rauf had had the same firepower as that which was used to kill him, he wouldn’t have hesitated to use it against his fellow citizens.
And what if the American intelligence services had contacted the British intelligence services? Would they have stopped the attack? And on what grounds? I can hear the head of MI6 now, “Oh no, you can’t do that old boy. It’s just not cricket.” Nonsense.
The attack was more than just a one hit wonder. Five known terrorists were killed by the Hellfire missiles. A pity that it wasn’t more.

The reported killing of Rauf and four other terrorist suspects, including an Egyptian called Abu Zubair alMasri, appears to have dealt a serious blow to al-Qaeda’s network operating from Pakistan’s tribal region.

I wonder if the Egyptians are equally concerned? Were questions asked at the pyramid parliament?
Probably not.

Just to put a bit of perspective on this, I have taken a quote from the end of the article.

British intelligence sources say the reluctance on the part of the Pakistani authorities to clamp down on Kashmiri militant organisations is still enabling al-Qaeda to recruit young British Muslims for attacks on the UK.

About 400,000 British Pakistanis are estimated to travel between the UK and Pakistan each year. A disproportionate number can trace their lineage back to Kashmir. For the small number seeking a gateway to alQaeda, Kashmiri militant organisations are the obvious first port of call.

I wonder why there aren’t a few senior MP’s that are showing a little concern over that statement. Or are they all simply stark staring barking mad and in serious denial about the threat of more Islamic terrorism from home grown terrorists like Rashid Rauf? What, I wonder, is a small percent of a disproportionate number of 400,000?
Even if it’s only one percent of the total 400,000 that are “seeking a gateway to al-Queda”, then that is 4,000 al-Queda recruits per annum from the UK alone.

If I was a British MP, that would have me grumbling a bit on my back bench. But, no. Let’s demonise the US for killing one of them. Don’t these MP’s realise, that the man they are so concerned about had no feeling of allegiance to  his parent land? His first loyalty was to a religiously fanatical international terrorist organisation.

It’s about time that these MP’s woke up and made their minds up about whose side they are on instead of merely trying to gain some political capital by getting their, otherwise unknown, names featured in the press.

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Jozef Fritzl Picked His Nose

Posted by Exile on November 16, 2008

That’s the headline I’m waiting for. It should be printed shortly.

I have no idea why, but the Danish TV and parts of the press are totally obsessive about Jozef Fritzl, the man who imprisoned his daughter in a cellar for years, raped her continuously, killed some of his children which came out of the incestuous affair, imprisoned and abused his wife and so on.

The man is doubtlessly a monster. Some might even say he is stark staring mad. Either way, I don’t really care. The important thing is that he was caught doing it, he is on trial for it and will probably end up going to jail for a very long time. Rightly so. Other than that, I don’t see the need to constantly update me on the trivia that follows.

He is charged with rape. Slavery. Illegal imprisonment. Incest. Blah blah.. the list is seemingly endless.

I don’t need to know that he forced his daughter to watch porn films. Big deal. I’ve seen a few myself. Under duress, of course.
I don’t need to know how the cellar was built, arranged or furnished. I am totally uncaring about the colour of the curtains in the living room in the Fritzl household. Or where he went drinking or shopping, what car he drove, or which bicycle he used to go to the pub.
His favourite colour of socks is not going to influence my life. I don’t particularly care whom he worked for, or where. Or when, for that matter.

So what’s next, I wonder?
Maybe he was the founder member of the SS and was Hitler’s batman.
Perhaps he ate children. Perhaps he didn’t.
Does he really have only one testicle? Or false teeth?
Though unconfirmed by the press, he probably did scratch his arse. That will be in the press reports tomorrow, I’m sure.
Was he on crack? Who cares?
Fritzl ate pork.
Fritzl admits to eating chips with salt and vinegar.
Fritzl masturbated.
Fritzl cleans his teeth with toothpaste. And, God help us all, he used a comb to fix his hair….
Jozef Fritzl led a double life appearing as a Scottish musician, calling himself “Jock the Rapper”.


And finally…;

Jozef Fritzl picked his nose.

Don’t forget, you read it here first.

More stunning news on Jozef Fritzl follows shortly in the MSM near you.

Buy early and avoid the rush.

(Rant ends here.)

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Sauce for the Taleban Goose

Posted by Exile on November 15, 2008

This is just too good to be true. The Taleban, dread warriors of the Jihad and champions of Mohammed the mad prophet, are calling on the international community to stop the Afghan government carrying out executions. As if they listened to the international community while they looted, raped, plundered and killed, (and still do whenever they get the chance) while they were in power in Afghanistan. The reason for this appeal? They claim their warriors aren’t getting fair trials. As if they knew anything about fair trials.
See, unlike them, we have to play by the rules.

I agree with them actually. I think they all should get fair trials before the Afghans hang them. Or behead them. Preferably, publicly.

The Afghan government had stopped carrying out executions, temporarily, last year. However, public pressure over the rising crime rate has forced them to take the practise up again. Last week nine were executed, three of these were Taleban.

Certain countries in the west have told Hamid Karzai that they do not see the Afghan courts as being fair and have asked him to avoid more executions. I hope he ignores them. After all, when the Taleban had all the power, they executed countless political opponents, along with anyone else they didn’t like, and clearly refused any requests from anybody to stop doing so.

Rough justice? Who cares. If it was good enough for them then, it’s good enough for them now.

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Medals and Honours

Posted by Exile on November 13, 2008

As far as the press in Denmark is concerned, there are two very different types of medal winners. Some win medals for personal achievement, some win them for personal sacrifice. The treatment they get varies according to how one went about earning the award.

If you are a sportsman and have been lucky enough to win a potentially lethal handball competition, albeit on an international scale, you are welcomed home with a fighter escort for your airplane and a huge ding-dong public parade around the city in an open top bus, champagne provided on board, and you get to enjoy the adulation of the public swooning at the sight of you and your oh-so hard won gold gong. Politicians appear and speeches are made in your honour. And let’s not forget the party afterwards.

If, on the other hand, you have been abroad defending your country, along with it’s freedom to partake in international competitions, you get sneaked home through the back door and are totally ignored by the press, the media and the public. No parade and your medal comes in the post. No champagne. No adulation. No politicians. No speeches. Bugger all.

Apparently, risking being hit by a loose handball in the heat of battle is more hazardous than risking being blown up, shot, or injured by shrapnel and the like, in the service of your country… Not to mention the risk of life in general.

Having been shot at on more than one occasion, I can tell you, it isn’t. Give me the handball any day. I never saw any real casualties on a bloody handball court.

Our returning soldiers are met by customs officials and drug sniffing dogs. After all, they have just returned home from “Opium City” and “Hash Central”. Who knows what they may have brought home as a souvenir. Can’t have that sort of thing going on, can we?

Luckily, a brave few are taking up the challenge. I found this article in the Jyllands Postens News in English section. Here’s a quote;

We’re almost treated like criminals,’ Kim Jacobsen, an Army chaplain, told Kristeligt Dagblad newspaper. ‘To this very day there hasn’t been a single official reception given for the soldiers who’ve come home. They’re just pushed in through the back door.’

Just one month prior to the return of Jacobsen and his fellow soldiers, the Danish men’s handball team – newly-crowned as European champs – was met at the airport by media hordes and honoured with an F-16 fighter escort.

Captain Søren Bo Jensen of the Home Guard said he had nothing against sports stars being recognised, but he said the difference in the two receptions was ‘disheartening’.

‘Politicians should invite us to a reception at parliament, and parties’ defence spokespersons – who sent the boys into the war – should buy the champagne,’ said Jensen. ‘I haven’t seen a single politician at any of the homecoming parades we’ve held ourselves. The soldiers are there on crutches and fathers are crying because their sons didn’t make it home.’

I agree with Captain Jensen. Disheartening is putting it mildly. Scandalous is what I would call it. How does one compare the one with the other?
Another quote from a section at the end of the article;

Karsten Nonbo, the defence spokesperson for the prime minister’s Liberal Party, is pushing for the creation of a Flag Day to be observed annually for those who have fought for Denmark.

‘We ought to treat soldiers like the men of honour they truly are,’ he said. ‘But I don’t think parades are something for Danes. And many of the soldiers just want to go home with their families when they arrive at the airport, rather than chat with politicians.’

I agree with part of that. They do want to get home to their families and enjoy a spot of recreational leave. But what’s to stop them having an official welcome home parade in the town centre and being officially presented with their service medals and honouring their fallen comrades fourteen days after homecoming?
You don’t have to put them on a winners podium, you don’t have to play the national anthem for them and hang the medal round each individual neck. But you do have to give them a winners reception, an honour parade, a brass band in the background, a fly-by, some public appreciation and a beer on the house. That is the very least they deserve. Anything less is downright dishonourable.

A final quote, allegedly from Winston Churchill, who knew a thing or two about warfare, medals, honour and being shot at:

“We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

Sleep well then. And thank those rough men who are there for your benefit.

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Facing Jihad – on a Shoestring

Posted by Exile on November 11, 2008

Here’s a link to something you otherwise won’t be seeing reported in the usual disgusting MSM. It is a link to a website publicising the “Facing Jihad” conference being held in December in Jerusalem, Israel.

Facing Jihad

Go there and read it.

Then go to the Gates of Vienna, read the post and then hit the tip jar.
The Baron has been invited, but is having a little difficulty in raising the readies.

Every little helps… I hope this does too.

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Timely Departure

Posted by Exile on November 4, 2008

I’m no conspiracy theorist but this may be worthy of investigation. As America goes to the polls, I read this, in the Timesonline:

Barack Obama was told yesterday that his grandmother, who helped to bring him up through his teenage years, had died of cancer 24 hours before an election in which he may be elected president.

I realise the sympathy vote is always a winner, but this is going too far …!!

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