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Timely Departure

Posted by Exile on November 4, 2008

I’m no conspiracy theorist but this may be worthy of investigation. As America goes to the polls, I read this, in the Timesonline:

Barack Obama was told yesterday that his grandmother, who helped to bring him up through his teenage years, had died of cancer 24 hours before an election in which he may be elected president.

I realise the sympathy vote is always a winner, but this is going too far …!!


2 Responses to “Timely Departure”

  1. jj said

    She had been ill and his election was a done deal anyway. Though I am no fan of Obama he will be our new president. The people have spoken. Now it is time to see the goods…(promises) Indeed we know they all lie.

  2. Mikael said

    When McCain suspended his campaign and went to Washington in an effort to do something about the financial melt-down, it was conceived as cold-hearted spin and an inability to multitask on his part.

    When Obama went to Hawaii to see his dying grandma there was hardly an eye dry in the MSM. The poor chap had every right to halt his campaigning to see his beloved granny off. (You know, the woman he threw under the bus by declaring her a “typical white person” IE a racist.)

    So much for objective reporting.

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