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Facing Jihad – on a Shoestring

Posted by Exile on November 11, 2008

Here’s a link to something you otherwise won’t be seeing reported in the usual disgusting MSM. It is a link to a website publicising the “Facing Jihad” conference being held in December in Jerusalem, Israel.

Facing Jihad

Go there and read it.

Then go to the Gates of Vienna, read the post and then hit the tip jar.
The Baron has been invited, but is having a little difficulty in raising the readies.

Every little helps… I hope this does too.


One Response to “Facing Jihad – on a Shoestring”

  1. dymphna said

    Thanks for doing this, Exile…

    We are more than half way to our goal and it is only the first day.

    People’s generosity is most amazing. What many don’t realize is that their spirit of giving is returned a hundred fold, though it may not come back in the same form, but in some way they most need.

    Thanks for the link.

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