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Sauce for the Taleban Goose

Posted by Exile on November 15, 2008

This is just too good to be true. The Taleban, dread warriors of the Jihad and champions of Mohammed the mad prophet, are calling on the international community to stop the Afghan government carrying out executions. As if they listened to the international community while they looted, raped, plundered and killed, (and still do whenever they get the chance) while they were in power in Afghanistan. The reason for this appeal? They claim their warriors aren’t getting fair trials. As if they knew anything about fair trials.
See, unlike them, we have to play by the rules.

I agree with them actually. I think they all should get fair trials before the Afghans hang them. Or behead them. Preferably, publicly.

The Afghan government had stopped carrying out executions, temporarily, last year. However, public pressure over the rising crime rate has forced them to take the practise up again. Last week nine were executed, three of these were Taleban.

Certain countries in the west have told Hamid Karzai that they do not see the Afghan courts as being fair and have asked him to avoid more executions. I hope he ignores them. After all, when the Taleban had all the power, they executed countless political opponents, along with anyone else they didn’t like, and clearly refused any requests from anybody to stop doing so.

Rough justice? Who cares. If it was good enough for them then, it’s good enough for them now.


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