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Lack of Intelligence

Posted by Exile on November 24, 2008

I couldn’t believe this piece of news found on the Timesonline this morning.

Britain’s intelligence services appear to have been kept in the dark about Saturday’s US missile attack on a house in northwest Pakistan that reportedly killed Rashid Rauf, a top British al-Qaeda suspect.

Although his death will take a few days to be confirmed officially, the strike by a Predator drone, armed with Hellfire missiles and precision-guided bombs, was the first time that the US had targeted a British suspect hiding in the lawless North Waziristan region of Pakistan.

Two senior MPs yesterday demanded to know whether the British Government had been given notice of the planned attack, which was a CIA operation controlled from a US military base in Nevada.

Patrick Mercer, Tory MP for Newark, said the attack had “ultimately led to the execution of a British subject”. He called for a clear statement from the Government to explain what was known about the planned attack. Andrew Dismore, Labour chairman of the parliamentary Human Rights Committee, wanted to know whether British intelligence services had been consulted by the Americans.

Frankly, who gives a hoot? The world is better off without him. I hope the US gets to kill a few more before the new POTUS gets round to calling off the whole operation on the grounds that it is this sort of change that the world needs. Why two “senior MP’s” would worry about this is astonishing. What was this upstanding member of the British society doing in North Waziristan anyway? The man was a known Al-queda thug, probably planning some devious terrorist act and was equally probably getting the OK from his bosses in Pakistan to carry it out. He is of no great loss to the British nation. Quite the reverse. The British nation is going to be a lot better off without him. The Americans did something that the British government would never have the brass face to do. Openly kill a known terrorist. Heaven knows, if the late Mr. Rauf had had the same firepower as that which was used to kill him, he wouldn’t have hesitated to use it against his fellow citizens.
And what if the American intelligence services had contacted the British intelligence services? Would they have stopped the attack? And on what grounds? I can hear the head of MI6 now, “Oh no, you can’t do that old boy. It’s just not cricket.” Nonsense.
The attack was more than just a one hit wonder. Five known terrorists were killed by the Hellfire missiles. A pity that it wasn’t more.

The reported killing of Rauf and four other terrorist suspects, including an Egyptian called Abu Zubair alMasri, appears to have dealt a serious blow to al-Qaeda’s network operating from Pakistan’s tribal region.

I wonder if the Egyptians are equally concerned? Were questions asked at the pyramid parliament?
Probably not.

Just to put a bit of perspective on this, I have taken a quote from the end of the article.

British intelligence sources say the reluctance on the part of the Pakistani authorities to clamp down on Kashmiri militant organisations is still enabling al-Qaeda to recruit young British Muslims for attacks on the UK.

About 400,000 British Pakistanis are estimated to travel between the UK and Pakistan each year. A disproportionate number can trace their lineage back to Kashmir. For the small number seeking a gateway to alQaeda, Kashmiri militant organisations are the obvious first port of call.

I wonder why there aren’t a few senior MP’s that are showing a little concern over that statement. Or are they all simply stark staring barking mad and in serious denial about the threat of more Islamic terrorism from home grown terrorists like Rashid Rauf? What, I wonder, is a small percent of a disproportionate number of 400,000?
Even if it’s only one percent of the total 400,000 that are “seeking a gateway to al-Queda”, then that is 4,000 al-Queda recruits per annum from the UK alone.

If I was a British MP, that would have me grumbling a bit on my back bench. But, no. Let’s demonise the US for killing one of them. Don’t these MP’s realise, that the man they are so concerned about had no feeling of allegiance to  his parent land? His first loyalty was to a religiously fanatical international terrorist organisation.

It’s about time that these MP’s woke up and made their minds up about whose side they are on instead of merely trying to gain some political capital by getting their, otherwise unknown, names featured in the press.


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