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Not Our Militants…

Posted by Exile on December 14, 2008

Speaking in Islamabad, Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, of whom I am not a great fan, has been criticising Pakistan openly about it’s terrorist population. He seems to have been, for once, well advised. I read the article linked below in the Timesonline, and found the following two paragraphs:

“Three quarters of the most serious plots investigated by the British authorities have links to al-Qaeda in Pakistan,” said Mr Brown in a press conference alongside Mr Zardari in the presidential palace in Islamabad. “The time has come for action, not words.”

And just what action would that be, Mr. Brown? What would you expect when you receive such a reply, as follows here?

However he was rebuffed at the press conference by President Zardari, who refused to acknowledge Pakistani militants’ involvement in the Mumbai attacks. Pakistani officials admit that “non-state actors” in Pakistan may have been involved, but say they must tread carefully to prevent a backlash from the Pakistani public or from the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency, Pakistan’s military-run spy organisation.

They also say they are growing increasingly frustrated that Indian authorities have yet to show them any evidence against the Pakistani militants they been under pressure to arrest.

President Zardari, the terrorists, the Pakistani public and the Inter-services Intelligence agency all appear to be in the same corner of the ring.

Now why doesn’t that surprise me?

Because, and let’s be honest here, Pakistan is the main actor in the terrorist war. They are not our allies. They are housing, fuelling, financing, feeding, training and arming the terrorists as a proxy army and have been doing so for the past ten years.

Why should it be necessary for India to have to “produce evidence” before Pakistan can arrest it’s militants? Is militancy an accepted and respected occupation in Pakistan? It’s a crime anywhere else.

Oh yes. We need some action Mr. Brown. But who’s going to invade Pakistan now?



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