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Cold Earth

Posted by Exile on December 16, 2008

MMGW It hasn’t been a good day for the greenies. While the EU greenies have been banging the drum and yahooing over the great environmental victory in Poland, the news came out that the planet is getting colder (again, for the ninth year running) and that 2008 will be the coldest year since 1999.
In fact, since 1999, there has been no global warming. Just cooling.

Of course, the greenies have the explanation ready. It’s El Niña. Which is like El Niño in reverse. Apparently this “El” sucks the warmth from the earth like an arctic wind up your trouser leg.  And talking of the Arctic; More bad news. You remember the disappearing polar ice round the North Pole? Well, it isn’t actually disappearing.  It’s increasing in size daily. The Polar bears are apparently jubilant. Not to mention a few Eskimos, who are proclaiming that it’s really nice and cold right now.

I’m sure that governments around the world will ignore this but in the light of this unfortunate truth, I wonder;
Why am I paying all that extra tax for something that isn’t happening?

Mr. Gore?



One Response to “Cold Earth”

  1. jj said

    Here in the NW of the USA are in a 10 day snow and sub freezing cycle. Unusual. Due to my house in the hills I am ensconced for the duration.

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