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Surprise – No Surprise

Posted by Exile on January 4, 2009

Israel has finally decided to go into Gaza and tackle the Hamas terrorist gunmen on their own turf. Retribution is about to be handed out in style by the IDF. This is no surprising move by the Israelis and it is justified. Dozens of rockets have rained down over southern Israel over the past few weeks and all the talk and jabber in the world isn’t going to stop more of them coming on a daily basis, because that is what Hamas is all about. Bring terror to Israel daily, every day. The UN is probably going to condemn this in usual terms; Israeli aggression must stop, disproportionate retaliation, poor Palestinians, blah–yak. We’ve heard it all before.
What I haven’t heard is a similar condemnation of Hamas from Banki and his moon crew over at the big house. It’s apparently OK for the munitions to fly from Gaza as long as none fly back. Like it or not, Hamas is a terrorist organisation. And pointing out that the terrorists’ rockets over the past two weeks have “only killed 4 Israelis” compared to the over 400 Palestinians that are now dead in Gaza is not relevant here. The potential for more Israeli deaths by terrorist rocket attack over a longer period of time is obvious, so why not take the bull by the horns now, instead of waiting to see just how many more Israelis should have to die before it’s OK to invade Gaza?
I’m sure the UN hasn’t got an answer to that one either.
There is however, an unexpected signal of some support for Israel’s actions. Surprisingly enough, from the EU, which is normally about as equally hell bent on Israel’s destruction as Hamas is. But get this from Haaretz.com and Reuters:

PRAGUE – European Union president, the Czech Republic, said Saturday an Israeli ground offensive in Gaza was "defensive, not offensive" action.
"At the moment, from the perspective of the last days, we understand this step as a defensive, not offensive, action," Czech EU presidency spokesman Jiri Potuznik said.

Well, well. Defensive, not offensive. Now that truly is surprising. Follow the link below to read more.



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