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Tea Breaks for Terrorists

Posted by Exile on January 8, 2009

One can’t help noticing that the international community is concerned about the loss of life in Gaza. So much so, that everyone is suggesting, if not demanding, a cease fire agreement from the belligerents. Which I suppose is all well and good and is pretty much to be expected. I can’t help but wonder why?

Israel and the Palestinians have had countless cease fires. All ending in the same way. The resumption of hostilities. So quite honestly, what is the point of yet another cease fire? The last few have gone up in flames as Hamas fired rockets constantly at Israel, cease fire or not, and they will probably continue to do so in the event of another.

Today, a cessation of hostilities took place. That is, that Israel held their fire for three hours so that people could go out and find food, water or whatever and then hostilities were promptly and, in my opinion, rightly resumed. Three hours is more than enough time for the enemy to regroup, reload and reposition. In an article I read from the Timesonline, one aid worker is quoted as saying, “A three-hour ceasefire to go and see whether your mum and dad are alive is not a humanitarian corridor. It’s a tea break for the soldiers.”
And they deserve one.
Fighting terrorists is thirsty work.

John Ging, head of the United Nations refugee agency in Gaza; “Who for a minute thinks we can take care of one and half million people in three hours, when before it was a full time job for 10,000 people?”

Why, I ask, aren’t those one and a half million people looking after themselves? Who is stopping them? One would think that with billions of aid dollars going in every year that some form of industry had grown? Israel made the desert green. Why can’t the Palestinians? Looking at John Gings statement, I must assume that the only employment to be found in Gaza is to be a worker for the UN refugee agency. Everyone else is a “refugee” and therefore incapable of having any other purpose. Pathetic.

I do feel a certain sympathy for the people of Gaza. This has gone on for long enough. 60 years too long actually. All this nonsense about being displaced and therefore a refugee. Those that were displaced 60 years ago are mostly all dead by now anyway and how can one be a refugee for sixty years of one’s life? It isn’t an occupation.. no pun intended.
Imagine being sixty years old and having as the one point on your C.V., “Professional refugee. 1948-2009.”

I think it would be best for Gaza if the Israelis drove out both Hamas, Fatah, the PLO, old uncle Tom Cobley and all, and permanently took over the place. Within five years I reckon it would prosper. Imagine not being governed by a gang of hate mongering islamist thugs with guns and no other ambition in life but the destruction of their nearest neighbours. Imagine the people of Gaza planting crops instead of digging bunkers and tunnels. Imagine them building something other than rocket launchers. Imagine actually building something worthwhile with the billions of dollars and Euros that flow annually into the territory.

If the people, and I mean the people and not the terrorist thugs who speak for them with guns to their heads, really want peace, then allow Israel to take over the running of Gaza. I’m sure the inventive Israelis would welcome the extra work force and the income that they would undoubtedly generate would benefit everybody, as opposed to the billions of dollars of so called aid that have, as far as I can see, only been used to buy weapons for the purpose of killing Israelis.

It is time for a real cease fire. The only way to achieve that is to let the Israelis bring it about. The talking and the dealing of the past sixty years has produced nothing. The UN has produced nothing. The Arab League has produced nothing. All that money produced nothing. The road map to peace is a circle on a piece of paper. Start somewhere and continue to the end…. what end? It’s time for all the talking heads to admit it. They failed. Hopelessly.

Talk isn’t merely cheap. It is time consuming. It consumed sixty years. For nothing.

Enough of the endless cease fires.

They are no more than tea breaks for the terrorists.


One Response to “Tea Breaks for Terrorists”

  1. jj said

    It is interesting that these Hamas leaders,Khaled Mashaal,Ismail Haniyah and Mahmoud Zahar are living lives of luxury in Syria whilst ordering their serfs to fight and die. Most despotic leaders are cowards.

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