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So Much for Arab Solidarity

Posted by Exile on February 6, 2009

Ever wondered where the true Palesinian refugees are? If you say Gaza, then you are very, very wrong. Not only that, but one can’t really be a refugee for sixty years on a stable piece of landscape. But that is by the by. No, the true refugees are not that many but they do exist. For example, the few hundred or so that are caught between the borders of their brother Arab countries. Iraq and Syria and Jordan.

Here’s a telling quote from an article in the Times:

Arab solidarity is not a phrase that Salim Ahmad wants to hear any more. On a battered television inside a windblown tent he watches with scepticism as the crowds demonstrate in the streets of Damascus over Israel’s war in Gaza.

“If they really cared anything for Palestinians, they would not leave us here in this terrible place,” he said, gesturing around him. “Don’t tell me about solidarity when nobody cares that we are here at all.”

And just where is our man Salim?

For the past three years this desolate spot between the Iraqi and Syrian border posts has served as home to hundreds of Palestinians fleeing persecution in Iraq.
When they tried to flee to Syria, however, they found their paths blocked. While Iraq citizens swanned through the border post Palestinians were turned back, unable to enter Syria but unable to return to Iraq either. Stateless and without passports the Palestinians sat down where they were dumped, in the walled-off layby by the road between the two glowering border posts.

And there they remain. Syria doesn’t want them. Iraq doesn’t want them. Jordan has had them and doesn’t want them back.

Why don’t they want them? Why has Syria refused aid to these people from the UN? Why not let them in and resettle them?

The answer is simple. Screw the Palestinians. They aren’t important.

What is important to the Arab community is that they have the forlorn hope of a Palestinian state to hang on to. Which gives them a reason not to resettle the Palestinians they have on their own doorstep and a reason to continue to attack Israel. They won’t take the Palestinians in, they say, because to do so would mean giving up the idea of a state of Palestine. It would also mean having to take in, and support, the filthy Palestinians.

It would appear that the Palestinians are the Gypsies of the Arab world.

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One Response to “So Much for Arab Solidarity”

  1. It is now 61 years since the formation of Israel in 1948. Why are Palestinians still “refugees”? Because they are nice convenient victims who can be trotted out for Israel-bashing. If the Arabs truly cared about them why haven’t they been integrated into their societies?

    Well, other than the fact that wherever they congregate they tend to start civil wars – Jordan, Lebanon, etc.

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