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Where’s the Crime in That?

Posted by Exile on February 12, 2009

I have just read the most grotesque story.

Women in Saudi are not allowed to drive, nor are they allowed out unless they are accompanied either by their husband or by another male member of the family. Therefore, when a lone and single woman of 23 accepted the offer of a lift from a stranger, she effectively broke the law.
He took her to a house to the east of the city of Jeddah where she was attacked by him and four of his friends throughout the night. This rape, which she tried to hold secret, resulted in her being pregnant and, not wishing to be a single woman with a baby in Saudi, she attempted to get an abortion in the King Fahd Hospital. It was here that the assault was first “discovered” and reported to the police. Now, one might wonder why she didn’t go to the police after being raped? Well read on and you’ll see.

She was denied an abortion, was arrested and tried for “adultery”. Which is strange because she is, as stated, a single woman. Unless, of course, one or more of her rapists is married? But as they are not mentioned, under arrest, nor on trial for their crimes, we’ll never know. The judge, being in no doubt about it all, found her guilty and her sentence is to receive 100 lashes and be imprisoned for a year after giving birth to the child she is bearing, which was, as stated earlier, forced into her by one of five rapists. She gets gang raped and she is guilty?

So much for women’s rights in Saudi. Where are the UNHRC people now? Why isn’t Amnesty International all over this? European human rights organisations? Women’s rights organisations? Not a murmur.

Strangely, when people speak out about this sort of thing, they are ostracised or imprisoned. Ask Geert Wilders.

I’m having a real hard time here seeing where the real crime is. I have a suspicion it is being a single woman in Saudi.

Hat tip: The Daily Mail.


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