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The First Bullshit Award of 2009

Posted by Exile on February 17, 2009

From an article in the UK Press Association on Google:

Exposure to other people’s smoke could increase the risk of dementia, researchers have said.

Second-hand smoke can cause damage to the way the brain works, making dementia more likely, they said.

People exposed to high levels of other people’s smoke were 44% more likely to suffer cognitive impairment – affecting things like memory and ability to perform calculations.

It has already been established that smoking can increase a smoker’s risk of dementia but this is the first study looking at the effect of smoking on other people.

How surprising.. Yawn. Actually, that’s lie. Or, to put it kindly, not entirely true. Because according to this:

A team of London scientists have found clues for the potentially therapeutic benefits of nicotine on learning, memory and attention while minimising the risk of addiction. The research announced in Geneva Monday will assist the search for new drugs for dementia.

“Nicotine, like many other drugs, has multiple effects some of which are harmful whereas others may be beneficial,” said Professor Ian Stolerman from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. Previous research has revealed these cognitive effects in humans and in laboratory animals.

Goldstarbullshit transparencyThe hidden equation is simple enough to see. Non smokers are automatically passive smokers. Non smokers are more likely to suffer from dementia. Therefore, passive smokers are more likely to suffer from dementia.

There’s nothing like a good scare story, is there? Like man made global warming. Which is undoubtedly somehow linked to passive smoking et al.

I haven’t given one out for a while but here it is then. The first Bullshit award of 2009, dedicated to those staunch anti smoking researchers and the UK Press Association, who are, by my reckoning at least, all totally, barking mad, demented.

Congratulations. Have a cigar.


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