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Cold at the Top

Posted by Exile on March 29, 2009

I wondered why it had been so cold lately. Now I think I have found the culprit. See, the ice mass that is the Arctic has grown in area over the last two years. Yep. It grew. Didn’t melt away. Got larger. Which means that the global warming is really doing its stuff as everyone predicted two years ago, when they promised us an ice free north pole by 2010, or whatever.


This is of grave concern to the greenies, what with the global climate conference about to get under way in Copenhagen later this year. I mean, it doesn’t really serve their purposes does it? Or the fact that the earth has been cooling down for the last decade. Who wants to bet, that doesn’t even get a mention in the new taxability talks that will go on.

Of course, they will argue that the ice is thinning. It is "less than normal", whatever that may be, because normal is a flighty number to set and we have only been watching the ice by satellite for thirty one years. As opposed to the millions of years where the ice has managed to come and go as it saw fit without us even noticing. Who’s to say we didn’t start monitoring while the ice was at a peak? Well then, that has to be "normal". Any downward shift in the amount of ice would then be a clear indicator of the dreaded messianic global warming. The opposite scenario will be happily, and necessarily for them, discarded.
I did find a little information on the arctic ice cover but, as it too, can only be supported by the said thirty one years of data, one has to take it as it comes.

The Arctic Ocean, and sea ice.

Most of the Arctic Ocean is over 1000 m deep and is continuously covered with ice whose thickness varies between 1-10 m. About one third of the Arctic Ocean is shallow, i.e. continental shelf. Over these shelf areas, ice is absent at least part of the year, but ice is found year-round over the deep ocean. Therefore the seasonal variation of the area of sea ice is smaller in the Arctic than around Antarctica. In the Arctic, the sea-ice area ranges between 9 and 12 x 10 mill. sq. km (as opposed to 4 and 19 x 10 mill. sq. km around Antarctica). As a comparison, the contiguous USA is about 9 x 10 mill. sq. km in size. Much of the Arctic seasonal variation in ice cover can be found in the Bering Sea (mainly adjacent to the continents, and south to the Aleutian Islands), and in the Sea of Okhotsk, as far south as 42 deg. N, near Hokkaido, Japan. Yet even in winter the area between Norway and Svalbard is ice-free, notwithstanding its high latitude (about 77 deg. N), on account of the Gulf Stream.

There is some evidence that the Arctic sea-ice cover has decreased about 6% during the last two decades, and that the mean ice thickness has decreased as well. The sea-ice cover must have been thicker during the last Ice Age (esp. between 26 – 13 kaBP), because there is no sediment of atmospheric dirt of that age on the seabed. The amount of sea ice is rather sensitive to climate change: meltwater ponding, for instance, dramatically increases the albedo of sea ice, leading to enhanced ice melt.


polar-bear1OK. The ice is between 9 and 12 million square kilometers. Even that then is a top and bottom figure. So where is "normal"? Take then, the norm. That would be 10,5 million square kilometers. Losing six percent of that is a bit like ripping the Florida peninsula off the United States. Hardly worrying, unless one lives in Miami, when compared to the rest of the mass. And, unlike Florida, the ice can grow back.

Which brings me back to where we came from. The Arctic ice grew. It has done so for the last two years. I’ve never seen ice being formed in a heated saucepan.

One final note: the Arctic winter temperature for December through February is a chilling minus thirty degrees centigrade. Sea water freezes at minus one point eight.

Talk about being on thin ice.

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The Dark Age

Posted by Exile on March 28, 2009

Summer time starts officially somewhere between midnight and sunrise on Sunday, the day after tomorrow. Which is a little surprising because I’m still feeling the cold and even though the first signs of spring are to be found, it’s still bloody freezing when the wind blows. Apart from me getting one hour less in the old feather bed, I don’t suppose it will make much difference to my life.
On the other hand, the greenies all over the world are going to make an event of it all. The idea is that the whole world should switch off the lights in their households and sit for one hour in the dark. The “event”, which they call “Earth Hour”, is to start in New Zealand at 20:30 on Saturday and the hour will roll round the world meaning that all countries will be plunged into darkness at eight thirty p.m. local time, wherever they are. I’ll try to stay awake just for the sake of a little excitement. Global goings on aren’t really my forté but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

I see a few problems with all this world saving activity. I mean, there are those who are automatically excluded. For example, the Masai folks in Africa. They live in mud huts and have no electricity anyway. The Mongols on the steppes of Mongolia. The Laplander reindeer herders. The homeless. Wandering Arabs. Eskimoes. How are they to show their appreciation of mother earth and join this protest? Maybe we shouldn’t tell them. Better not to let them in on it all in the first place.

I won’t be joining in. I am going to have the lights on. All of ‘em. Even the ones I don’t need. And the TV and my computer too. I’ll let the fridge and the freezer run wild and probably turn the oven on as well. Toast might be nice at about half time. And tea. The electric water heater will have to go on at full blast. It’s bath night and I ain’t getting wet in cold water for anyone’s sake. The electric heater in my cellar will be on as I hate to sit at my computer and freeze. (I have my own “man cave” in the cellar.) All the batteries that need recharging will be doing just that at the same time. I mean, if nobody else is using the electricity that will still be generated in the aforementioned time frame, then I will have it all to myself. So I intend to take full and absolute advantage of it.

Apparently, I won’t be alone. According to a survey poll in the Jyllands Posten, 58% of the Danes are not going to switch off their lights. 10% haven’t decided yet and the rest are stark staring mad going to join in.

How this action is going to “save” the planet is beyond me but I daresay someone, somewhere, thinks it’s all rather marvellous and what a wonderful signal to send to our lying thieving global politicians, who know there is no real global climate crisis going on, that we really do care about the old globe and we don’t mind paying all the extra and unnecessary taxes, please Sir, can I have some more?

They are the ones who are permanently in the dark. No need to switch anything off there. How does the phrase go? “The lights are on, but there’s nobody home”. We’re going to have to rewrite that one. “The lights are off, but they’re in there, somewhere.”

I won’t be joining them.

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An Arab Hating Racist.

Posted by Exile on March 18, 2009

Here’s a little snippet from an article to be found at the Timesonline. The new Israeli government is trying to line all its ducks up and get on with the business of running Israel. This means that ministers have to be appointed and power duly shared by the coalition member parties. The pending appointment of the new foreign minister seems to be attracting some attention.

Israel’s next foreign minister looks set to be Avigdor Lieberman, the Soviet immigrant whose controversial policies have been condemned widely by the country’s regional neighbours. His critics accuse him of being an Arab-hating racist but he is hailed by supporters as a strongman who will deal harshly with the state’s enemies, in particular Iran, which he has threatened to bomb.

lieberman An arab hating racist… condemned widely by the country’s regional neighbours?

How surprising.

Well, let’s hope so. Let’s hope it’s a true description of the man.

Why? Because he is going to have to deal with Jew hating racists who reside all over the middle east and basically surround Israel on all sides except the sea. Which is what they have declared the state of Israel should be driven into. He will have to talk to Syria’s Jew hating racist foreign minister, and Hamas’ Jew hating racist foreign minister, and Lebanon’s Jew hating racist foreign minister, and Iran’s, and .. well, you get the picture. Not to mention that he will have to go the Jew hating racist UN and the Jew hating racist EU parliament and represent his government there too.

But let’s not forget, for heavens sake, that Avigdor Lieberman is an arab hating racist.

That seems to be, somehow, more important.

Article here:



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Hypocrisy at its Worst.

Posted by Exile on March 15, 2009

“Foreign dignitaries attending the G20 summit in London next month will be exempt from the smoking ban.”

No. I didn’t believe it either , until I saw this:


But you try lighting up in a pub.. see what happens.

The final comment on the article says it all. One law for them (to flout as they wish), and one law for all us other poor sods who pay to keep them in power.

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The Truth Will Out

Posted by Exile on March 14, 2009

Finally, someone got round to saying it.

March 11th 2009. Media Release. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:


European Union and Czech Republic president, Vaclav Klaus received a standing ovation at the opening of the second International Conference on Climate Change in New York with his address on the dangers to freedom of speech arising from the climate debate. Over 700 delegates from 28 countries gathered on Sunday for the biggest climate realist conference yet staged, to reject completely the theory of human- caused climate change.

President Klaus stated he was puzzled by environmentalists approach to technical progress.
It was as if they “want to stop economic progress and take mankind back centuries. Environmentalists do not want to change the climate; they want to change us and our behaviour. Therefore, it should not be surprising that they recommend preventative rather than adaptive policies. Our adaptive capacity is increasing all the time with increasing technologies” said President Klaus.

Australian Climate Science Coalition science advisor, Professor Bob Carter who addressed the conference today, said it was clear from data presented at the conference that global temperature had declined in this decade whilst carbon dioxide levels continued to rise. “These facts presented at the conference undermine the theory of human caused climate change”. “This makes any discussion on the introduction of an Emissions Trading Scheme [ETS] irrelevant as rising levels of carbon dioxide have had no measurable effect on global temperature”.

– ENDS –

Although, I wonder. Could rising levels of CO2 actually be cooling the planet now? No-one ever thought about a saturation point, now did they? And what if we reached it about, ooh, let’s say, ten years ago?

Oh no. What have I started….?? Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art Of.com

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2009 International Conference on Climate Change

Posted by Exile on March 7, 2009

NY09Banner Keep an eye on this one. It’s gonna be a blow to the Anthropogenic Global Warming crowd. Finally, a little truth is about to be brought to the debate.




If you want more information on how the world is not warming up while the debate is, then follow the link in the right hand sidebar to the ICSC.

And while I’m about it, here’s an excerpt from a new article to be found over there;

NASA satellites uniformly monitor the Earth’s lower atmosphere, which greenhouse gas theory predicts will show the first and most significant effects of human-caused global warming.

The satellite-based measurements are uncorrupted by urban heat islands and localized land-use changes that often taint records from surface temperature stations, giving false indications of warming.

The uncorrupted satellite-based temperature measurements refute surface temperature station data finding 2008 to be one of the top 10 warmest years on record.

“How can an ‘average year’ in one database appear to be a [top 10] warmest year in another?” asked meteorologist Joe D’Aleo on his International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project Web site.

“Well, the global databases of [surface station reports] are all contaminated by urbanization, major station dropout, missing data, bad siting, instruments with known warm biases being introduced without adjustment, and black-box and man-made adjustments designed to maximize [reported] warming,”

MMGWOne may as well measure temperature change with a steel ruler…

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Turf War

Posted by Exile on March 6, 2009

In case it has escaped anybody’s notice, there is a regular gang war going on in the middle of Copenhagen. This, according to the police, is a war started and perpetuated by immigrant gangs and rival Hells Angels over turf on which to sell drugs. Really. Who cares. I, for one, don’t. I don’t give a hoot about what they are fighting over. All I want is to see someone do something about it. Because the police are losing the battle for our streets. So are the local citizens. In fact I want to see all these oh-so cool gangsters off the streets. For good.

Our intrepid Minister for Justice, Brian Mikkelsen, has been promoting his “gang package” in the press. Doubling the punishment for possession of firearms or deadly weapons, for assault with a deadly weapon and for assault in general and claims that it will be made easier to deport illegal immigrants involved in these criminal activities.
And that is supposed to be enough?
The highest punishment the courts can give out is still laughably under what I would call a deterrent. Another wonderful proposal is the setting up of a “council” to negotiate and “create dialogue” with the warring factions. In other words we are supposed to have someone say to them “Look, sell your drugs as you like. Just stop squabbling about it and play nice, each on your own side of the street.” A kind of drug baron arbitration committee. On my tax money? I object!

I can’t see it being of much help anyway as the police generally have a problem in getting any conviction in these matters, either by accident or incompetence. The general public is too afraid to speak up, or not interested enough to consider it and the threat of deportation is a joke. The left wing has eroded any chances of that happening by supporting every piece of EU legislation that makes deportation under any circumstances impossible. Even if one was a convicted murdering scumbag illegal immigrant with absolutely no connection to this country, one could, and can, be assured that after duly sitting behind bars, one can carry on regardless here because the UN and the EU have made it impossible to return “refugees”. Which, as we all know, these people are, according to themselves.

If they really want a turf war, let’s give ‘em one. It’s time we took the whole turf back.

The answer lies in a simple one-off piece of law that no politician wants to suggest. Forget all the tinkering with possession laws, forget the messing about with assault and other violence related crimes. Simply make membership of any gang a crime in itself. Then it doesn’t matter who did what to whom, with or without a gun or a knife. Being a gang member is a crime. That’s it. And make the punishment huge. Minimum, five years in the pokey. Ten for senior members.

How many gangs would there be on the streets tomorrow?

None. Because they would either leave voluntarily or be in jail.

And, as our Police Director, Hanne Bech Hansen, says;
“It is our experience, that they can do nothing criminal while they are in jail”.

Hear, hear.

There’s only one way to fight a fire… and peeing on the corner bit isn’t it.

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