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Turf War

Posted by Exile on March 6, 2009

In case it has escaped anybody’s notice, there is a regular gang war going on in the middle of Copenhagen. This, according to the police, is a war started and perpetuated by immigrant gangs and rival Hells Angels over turf on which to sell drugs. Really. Who cares. I, for one, don’t. I don’t give a hoot about what they are fighting over. All I want is to see someone do something about it. Because the police are losing the battle for our streets. So are the local citizens. In fact I want to see all these oh-so cool gangsters off the streets. For good.

Our intrepid Minister for Justice, Brian Mikkelsen, has been promoting his “gang package” in the press. Doubling the punishment for possession of firearms or deadly weapons, for assault with a deadly weapon and for assault in general and claims that it will be made easier to deport illegal immigrants involved in these criminal activities.
And that is supposed to be enough?
The highest punishment the courts can give out is still laughably under what I would call a deterrent. Another wonderful proposal is the setting up of a “council” to negotiate and “create dialogue” with the warring factions. In other words we are supposed to have someone say to them “Look, sell your drugs as you like. Just stop squabbling about it and play nice, each on your own side of the street.” A kind of drug baron arbitration committee. On my tax money? I object!

I can’t see it being of much help anyway as the police generally have a problem in getting any conviction in these matters, either by accident or incompetence. The general public is too afraid to speak up, or not interested enough to consider it and the threat of deportation is a joke. The left wing has eroded any chances of that happening by supporting every piece of EU legislation that makes deportation under any circumstances impossible. Even if one was a convicted murdering scumbag illegal immigrant with absolutely no connection to this country, one could, and can, be assured that after duly sitting behind bars, one can carry on regardless here because the UN and the EU have made it impossible to return “refugees”. Which, as we all know, these people are, according to themselves.

If they really want a turf war, let’s give ‘em one. It’s time we took the whole turf back.

The answer lies in a simple one-off piece of law that no politician wants to suggest. Forget all the tinkering with possession laws, forget the messing about with assault and other violence related crimes. Simply make membership of any gang a crime in itself. Then it doesn’t matter who did what to whom, with or without a gun or a knife. Being a gang member is a crime. That’s it. And make the punishment huge. Minimum, five years in the pokey. Ten for senior members.

How many gangs would there be on the streets tomorrow?

None. Because they would either leave voluntarily or be in jail.

And, as our Police Director, Hanne Bech Hansen, says;
“It is our experience, that they can do nothing criminal while they are in jail”.

Hear, hear.

There’s only one way to fight a fire… and peeing on the corner bit isn’t it.


2 Responses to “Turf War”

  1. Good post.

    It is comforting to know that there is at least one senior police officer in Europe who doesn’t think jail is evil, wicked and too tough on the poor dears.

    I think if any Western country is capable of waking its people up and getting rid of illegals and refugees who commit crimes, it’s Denmark.

    Although the way things are going here in Britain, I may well end up ‘seeking asylum’ myself one day, in order not to live in a country that is fast becoming an actual asylum.

  2. Vivi Andersen said

    Dear Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer

    Take it easy – have a look at the picture down left :

    1 picture…..1000 words.

    We, the infidels, will fight together.



    I believe Vivi is rfeferring to this:
    Scroll down my left hand sidebar.


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