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2009 International Conference on Climate Change

Posted by Exile on March 7, 2009

NY09Banner Keep an eye on this one. It’s gonna be a blow to the Anthropogenic Global Warming crowd. Finally, a little truth is about to be brought to the debate.




If you want more information on how the world is not warming up while the debate is, then follow the link in the right hand sidebar to the ICSC.

And while I’m about it, here’s an excerpt from a new article to be found over there;

NASA satellites uniformly monitor the Earth’s lower atmosphere, which greenhouse gas theory predicts will show the first and most significant effects of human-caused global warming.

The satellite-based measurements are uncorrupted by urban heat islands and localized land-use changes that often taint records from surface temperature stations, giving false indications of warming.

The uncorrupted satellite-based temperature measurements refute surface temperature station data finding 2008 to be one of the top 10 warmest years on record.

“How can an ‘average year’ in one database appear to be a [top 10] warmest year in another?” asked meteorologist Joe D’Aleo on his International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project Web site.

“Well, the global databases of [surface station reports] are all contaminated by urbanization, major station dropout, missing data, bad siting, instruments with known warm biases being introduced without adjustment, and black-box and man-made adjustments designed to maximize [reported] warming,”

MMGWOne may as well measure temperature change with a steel ruler…


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