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The Truth Will Out

Posted by Exile on March 14, 2009

Finally, someone got round to saying it.

March 11th 2009. Media Release. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:


European Union and Czech Republic president, Vaclav Klaus received a standing ovation at the opening of the second International Conference on Climate Change in New York with his address on the dangers to freedom of speech arising from the climate debate. Over 700 delegates from 28 countries gathered on Sunday for the biggest climate realist conference yet staged, to reject completely the theory of human- caused climate change.

President Klaus stated he was puzzled by environmentalists approach to technical progress.
It was as if they “want to stop economic progress and take mankind back centuries. Environmentalists do not want to change the climate; they want to change us and our behaviour. Therefore, it should not be surprising that they recommend preventative rather than adaptive policies. Our adaptive capacity is increasing all the time with increasing technologies” said President Klaus.

Australian Climate Science Coalition science advisor, Professor Bob Carter who addressed the conference today, said it was clear from data presented at the conference that global temperature had declined in this decade whilst carbon dioxide levels continued to rise. “These facts presented at the conference undermine the theory of human caused climate change”. “This makes any discussion on the introduction of an Emissions Trading Scheme [ETS] irrelevant as rising levels of carbon dioxide have had no measurable effect on global temperature”.

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Although, I wonder. Could rising levels of CO2 actually be cooling the planet now? No-one ever thought about a saturation point, now did they? And what if we reached it about, ooh, let’s say, ten years ago?

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