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An Arab Hating Racist.

Posted by Exile on March 18, 2009

Here’s a little snippet from an article to be found at the Timesonline. The new Israeli government is trying to line all its ducks up and get on with the business of running Israel. This means that ministers have to be appointed and power duly shared by the coalition member parties. The pending appointment of the new foreign minister seems to be attracting some attention.

Israel’s next foreign minister looks set to be Avigdor Lieberman, the Soviet immigrant whose controversial policies have been condemned widely by the country’s regional neighbours. His critics accuse him of being an Arab-hating racist but he is hailed by supporters as a strongman who will deal harshly with the state’s enemies, in particular Iran, which he has threatened to bomb.

lieberman An arab hating racist… condemned widely by the country’s regional neighbours?

How surprising.

Well, let’s hope so. Let’s hope it’s a true description of the man.

Why? Because he is going to have to deal with Jew hating racists who reside all over the middle east and basically surround Israel on all sides except the sea. Which is what they have declared the state of Israel should be driven into. He will have to talk to Syria’s Jew hating racist foreign minister, and Hamas’ Jew hating racist foreign minister, and Lebanon’s Jew hating racist foreign minister, and Iran’s, and .. well, you get the picture. Not to mention that he will have to go the Jew hating racist UN and the Jew hating racist EU parliament and represent his government there too.

But let’s not forget, for heavens sake, that Avigdor Lieberman is an arab hating racist.

That seems to be, somehow, more important.

Article here:




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