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Al Gore is an Idiot

Posted by Exile on April 30, 2009

There. I said it. I wrote it for all the world to see, if it comes here to read my blog. How do I come to this conclusion? Well, it’s because of his latest blast of doom and gloom delivered in the town of Tromsø in the north of Norway in that bit of Scandinavia that we call the frozen North. It’s just that it isn’t frozen all year round. It thaws out every year in the spring and then freezes again in the autumn and winter. According to Al Gore, that is not normal and can’t we see, that the ice is melting before our very eyes?

Yes Mr. Gore. We can. And we’re glad that it does so. Every year. Otherwise, we’d be in a new ice age.

It’s normal over here.

All this melting ice nonsense is getting to be boring and basically, it isn’t dangerous anyway. All the polar ice could melt in a day and the sea would not rise an inch. Ice displaces itself in water. Archimedes worked it out hundreds of years ago. Back to school, Mr. Gore. Do your homework.

If you want the low down on the ice figures, I found a neat website devoted to the Cryosphere. New word for you? It means the cold bits of the world. You know, the extreme north and south. This site brings some neat graphs displaying the polar ice and indeed, the global ice cover.

Here’s a graph concerning the Arctic ice since monitoring began in 1979:




I’d say that looks pretty stable. Goes up in the winter, down in the summer. You know, normal. Like it’s supposed to. Variations here are minimal.
If you want a closer look, here’s the link: Arctic ice cover

That’s only the Northern bit of the global ice cover. Now, if you want to see the global figures..:




Once again, that looks all pretty stable to me. Up and down like a whores drawers. Regular. Normal.
Here’s the link to this graph:  Global ice cover

And while I’m about it, let me tell you, that the ice cover has actually grown recently, contrary to all the doomsayers preferred mantra. The thing is, they show you pictures of glaciers falling to bits and melting ice masses and icebergs at the drop of a hat. Funny how you never see pictures of the millions of tons of snow and arctic ice crystals that fall each year to replace it. I suppose it must be too cold to warrant a visit in the winter.

Al Gore is presently trying to drum up some interest in the coming climate talks due to take place in Copenhagen this year. That he is desperate is clear. The lies are coming home to roost and the general population of the entire world is coming to realise that this global warming crap is just that. Crap. A reason to increase taxation and no more. The creation of artificial green jobs must be funded and we, people, are going to fund it, whether we like it or not.

Perhaps I wouldn’t mind so much if the Gorian lies were a little less obvious and a little more informed.

Go here; and read it for yourself. Unless, of course, you find the truth to be a little too inconvenient.

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The year of the Pig

Posted by Exile on April 29, 2009

Last year was the year of the birds. This year, it is the pigs that get the credit. Despite the fact that, until now, not one single pig in the entire world is dying, or has died of, influenza. The WHO has once again justified its existence with another raging success, calling the annual outbreak of influenza “Swine flu”. If you hadn’t noticed, this outbreak happens every year around this time. Remember the “Hong Kong flu”? SARS? “Bird flu”? Or what about “Spanish Flu”? It’s annual. And guess what. People have died of the dreaded influenza since time immemorial. Most of us that get it, get sick and feverish for a few days, feel like hell and then get over it. The young, the old and the generally infirm have always been at risk and invariably, a few die. This is not new, people. It’s an annual event and has been going on for ever. You have more chance of being struck by lightening than getting this years bug and actually dying from it. No matter what one calls it.

Cute pig Egypt has totally misunderstood the name and has ordered the destruction of around a quarter of a million pigs. I didn’t even think they reared pigs in Egypt as they are primarily muslim and do not readily eat the filthy pork, but one would at least expect their government would investigate the true nature of the disease before needlessly destroying all that bacon.

Here at home we are simply caught up in the general idiotic panic that comes with all things mildly pandemic in the news, compounded with similar ignorance. I heard one young lady being interviewed on TV, who claimed she wasn’t worried as she didn’t eat pork anyway. I don’t think she was an Egyptian. Talk about mad cows.

Since the announcement last week of “Swine flu”, anyone that gets a sore throat and a cough or even a little sweaty and feverish has been suspected of having contracted the dreaded disease. So far, despite the doctors and their best efforts, not one case has been proven. This doesn’t mean that we should give up though. You never know, we may get lucky and find someone genuinely sick with it within the next month or so. The hospitals are all geared up with buckets of Tamiflu and other antiviral meds, just in case.
I hope so. I look forward to the closing of theatres, football grounds, railway stations and shopping centres and such like, as has been done in Mexico. That should keep the plebians off the streets at night.

In the meantime, I am going to carry on as usual and do as I always do.

I stay away from sick people. Oink, oink.

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There Shall be No Opposition

Posted by Exile on April 26, 2009

I am guilty of a little poaching. I found this short but very informative video on the Gates of Vienna blog and immediately went to Youtube and found the html for embedding it here.

If you ever wondered about the future plans of the corrupt and nefarious organisation known as the European Union, then here it is. Any opposition to their agenda will be silenced by any means possible. This particular battle is being fought in Belgium, home of the capital of the EU. It has been going on for some time. A similar thing may be coming to your country soon.

Watch, listen and learn… Before it gets removed.

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The Locking up of Daughters. Saudi Style

Posted by Exile on April 16, 2009

I found this on the “Arab News” newspaper site. This one has been rumbling in the background since December last year:

JEDDAH: Justice Minister Mohamed Al-Issa has said that the Kingdom plans to regulate the marriage of young girls following a judge’s decision earlier this week to refuse for a second time to annul a marriage between an eight-year-old girl and a 47-year-old man.

The Justice Ministry aims “to put an end to arbitrariness by parents and guardians in marrying off minor girls,” Al-Issa was quoted as saying in the local media.

On Saturday, a judge in Onaizah, Sheikh Habib Al-Habib, upheld his decision again after an appeals court in Riyadh sent the eight-year-old girl’s case back to him for review a second time.

The judge maintains that once the girl hits puberty (the age of adulthood in Islam), she can decide for herself whether she wants to be married to the man or begin the divorce proceedings.

The judge also ordered the man not to engage in sexual relations with the girl until then.

A relative speaking anonymously said the girl’s mother is determined to pursue the case despite the verdict. An appeals court is reportedly scheduled to review the case again next month.

The case first received local and international media attention in December when Al-Habib decided against annulling the marriage.

The mother’s lawyer, Abdullah Al-Jutaili, said the judge ruled that the mother, who is divorced from her father who married off his girl to settle a debt, is not the legal guardian and therefore cannot petition for a separation.

Underage marriage has been a hot subject especially following remarks in January by Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh who declared that it is not against Shariah to “marry off girls who are 15 and younger.”

“We hear a lot in the media about marriage of underage girls,” Al-Sheikh said. “We should know that Shariah law has not brought about injustice to women.”

Shariah permits women to marry Muslim men of good standing, and the father plays an important role in determining this quality. However, fathers cannot force daughters to marry, and the marriage must be consensual.

Dowry is also the property of the woman being married, not of her father.

Financial considerations could prompt some Saudi families to wed their underage daughters to much older men. “For them this is allowed by Islamic law,” lawyer Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem said.

Many human rights groups, including the Kingdom’s governmental Human Rights Commission (HRC), have repeatedly voiced their opposition to child marriages and have vowed publicly that they are working to put an end to the practice.

The justice minister’s statement seems to back the HRC in this matter.

“The Human Rights Commission opposes child marriages in Saudi Arabia. Child marriages violate international agreements that have been signed by Saudi Arabia and should not be allowed,” Zuhair Al-Harithy, spokesman for the HRC, said when the case first broke six months ago.

International rights groups also voiced alarm at the decision. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Monday expressed deep concern over reports that the Saudi court has ruled the marriage as “legally binding.”

One might well wonder why the wonderful and heaven sent new messiah of the planet , Mr. Pr. Barack Hussein Obama, bowed to the King of Saud. Personally, I wonder why he was there at all, but that’s just me. I don’t think I could bow to any man, let alone one who rules over this sort of thing.

Here’s a few of the salient points, just in case you missed them:

father …. married off his girl to settle a debt:

He sold her.

“For them this is allowed by Islamic law.”

Pædofilia and slavery is legal in Saud.

…Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh who declared that it is not against Shariah to “marry off girls who are 15 and younger.” 

Which means that the “fifteen” (years old) bit is totally i irrelevant when followed by “and younger” and further supports the sharian pædofile charge.

I wonder what will come first. Her being legally raped by a man 39 years her senior or her being allowed to divorce him?

Who said shariah is compatible with our ways?

Whoever it was needs a good flogging.

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Spreading the Word

Posted by Exile on April 13, 2009

International Free Press Society’s Mohammed Cartoon Fundraiser Succeeds Despite Cyber Attack
Washington, DC — April 13, 2009: Just one day after world media reported that the International Free Press Society (IFPS) was raising funds to support its free speech activities by selling prints of the most famous of the Danish Mohammed cartoons, the IFPS website suffered a massive cyber-attack. In the wake of the attack, which began at 6:30 am on Thursday, April 9, 2009, the IFPS created an alternate website which is now in place at www.internationalfreepresssociety.wordpress.com.

The main site will be restored in the near future.

Prints of the controversial cartoon can be ordered online at the IFPS blog.
Sales for the print of “Turban Bomb,” signed and numbered by the Danish artist Kurt Westergaard, continue uninterrupted, and indeed have exceeded expectations, as orders have been processed via more traditional means and email marketing was expanded.

Turban Bomb


My footnote:

I posted this after reading the initial post at Gates of Vienna: Free Speech Under Cyber-Attack 

Go there. Read it.

I’ll do anything to help the cause!

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Happily, The Rot May be Setting In

Posted by Exile on April 13, 2009

I have long awaited the beginning of what may be the end.

The EU is a huge and hugely corrupt organisation run by middle of the road extremists of middle of the road politics. We are drowning in their squander here. They squander our money, our culture, our past, our present and our future in the name of some wild and untrue theory that all the world is one and that culture is something that belongs to the left of centre and is to be formed by the dissolution of nations, the eradication of our history, the decline and eventual dismissal of our rights and the management of their electorate by import.

People may be on the verge of seeing the light. I read this rather encouraging news in the Timesonline this afternoon.

Mainstream political parties across Europe are bracing themselves for a backlash from voters in elections to the European Parliament, with some fearing an unprecedented protest vote for extreme candidates from the far Left and Right.

In Britain, a Labour MEP has warned that six seats could be taken by the British National Party, who could be joined in Strasbourg by an increased number of far right MEPs from Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Greece as well as half a dozen members of the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders’s [sic] new Party for Freedom.

On the far Left, the Nouveau Partie Anticapitaliste is forecast to pick up at least ten MEPs in France, while in Germany Die Linke is predicted to grow from seven to at least 11.

Julia de Clerck, a research fellow at the Brussels-based Centre for European Policy Studies, said that she expected to see greater representation from the extremes when votes were cast for 736 MEPs from 27 countries on June 4 to 7.

I sincerely hope this is so. Although I would not welcome the rise of quasi-communist parties such as the Nouveau Partie Anticapitaliste from France, I would welcome the bolstering of the right wing in the European Parliament. The utter failure of the left wing parliamentarians to gain control over the rising tide of dissent is encouraging. We, the people, are fed up with the lot of them. They have destroyed some of our cities already, reducing them to foreign enclaves and islamic ghettoes, the rule of law is under pressure and social breakdown is at the top of the agenda for many of our indigenous citizens who merely want their country back.

I think the tide may be turning. I think this may signal some resistance. I may be wrong, but I am encouraged. By casting a vote away from the social democratic idiocy of the past thirty years and voting for a return to something more nationalistic and less “European” must be a positive thing to do and must send a warning signal to the EU.

It is time they began to listen to the people they were elected to serve. If they can’t or won’t and, indeed, they haven’t, then we will elect something other than them. It looks as if the fooling of all the people, all of the time, is coming to an end.

Article here.

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Hang ‘em High

Posted by Exile on April 11, 2009

Two separate incidents in the seas off Somalia have really got me going. The French and the US have been playing cat and mouse with pirates for a week or so now with little to show for their efforts apart from a lot of egg on naval faces. The French were the first to lose their patience and decided to go after the pirates with a military operation that finally solved the deadlock. Unfortunately, this is what happened;

Florent Lemaçon is killed and four rescued in an operation to free a French yacht captured by lawless Somali pirates.

Two pirates were captured in the operation, which lasted six minutes, Mr Morin said.

Oh well. At least they tried. And a few pirates were also killed. Which means they won’t be coming back to do it again.

In a similar situation, the captive American captain on a lifeboat full of pirates decided he wasn’t about to be rescued and made a getaway attempt. Unfortunately, this is what happened;

The US Navy missed a chance to rescue the American captain held by Somali pirates on a lifeboat in the Indian Ocean when he tried to escape by jumping into the sea.

Captain Richard Phillips fled through a back door in the covered lifeboat about midnight on Thursday local time and began swimming away, US officials said.

At least one pirate jumped in after him and brought him back aboard the boat, which is drifting without fuel, before the nearby US destroyer, USS Bainbridge, could intervene. The incident was captured on video by a US drone overhead. “He didn’t get very far,” one official said.

He didn’t get much help either, did he? One would think that something as big and powerful as the USS Bainbridge could have removed the lifeboat from the face of the sea once they saw the captain in the water, but for some strange reason, decided not to assist him or sink the pirates. After all, it’s hard to wield a weapon and tread water for any length of time, so simply blowing the boat out of the water would have freed the skipper immediately. Which makes one wonder what kid glove rules of engagement the US Navy is operating under now?

A new approach is needed. The pirates are calling for assistance from their buddies in Somalia, so expect more kidnapping, and they are also warning the US Navy and the FBI to stay away or else. Five lightly armed criminals are holding the US Navy to ridicule.

So here is my take on it. Ask the French to deliver the two pirates they have. Hold an emergency naval court on the Bainbridge, find these two guilty of piracy and murder and then hang them prominently by the neck in front of their co-pirates from a makeshift yard arm. Offer the pirates on the lifeboat either imprisonment or the same fate. Whether the hostage lives or dies should not be a point for discussion. If he dies, they hang by the neck. If he is released, they go to jail. After explaining that, which should take about two minutes at the most, blow the bottom of the lifeboat to bits and let it sink.

Not do-able? No. Probably not.

Why not? Because some do-gooder in the UN has probably said we can’t.

And yet, everything else has failed. The time has come to put an end to this piracy crap and so far, it’s only the French who have had the balls to try.


An American captain taken hostage by Somali pirates aboard a lifeboat was freed yesterday after making a second daring escape attempt that allowed shadowing US forces to open fire on his captors.

Three of the four pirates were killed and a fourth was wounded and taken into custody, according to initial reports.

US officials said that Captain Richard Phillips was unharmed and safe aboard the US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge last night.

Hang ’em, shoot ’em. I don’t care just as long as they get ’em in the end. Well done the US Navy, albeit a little late in the day.

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Oh – Obama.

Posted by Exile on April 8, 2009

I’ve been decidedly quiet about this bloke since the Americans decided to make him President. That’s their business not mine. They wanted him for President, they got what they decided on. After following the reports in the Times concerning his visit to Turkey, I wonder why. The man seems to be a little off the mark, not to mention, naive, submissive, pompous and a blithering idiot. Three separate extracts from reports support this;

President Obama extended the hand of friendship to the Muslim world yesterday, declaring: “Let me say this as clearly as I can: the United States is not at war with Islam.”

No. That is part of the problem and offers no solution. Because Islam is, undeniably, at war with the US. And the rest of the western world as a whole. In fact, it’s at war with everything that isn’t Islam. Surely the wonderful new messiah hasn’t entirely forgotten the 9th of September, 2001 and the people who perpetrated that vile act.

After the Speaker of parliament had introduced him by his full name of “Barack Hussein Obama”, the President said: “The United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans. Many other Americans have Muslims in their family, or have lived in a Muslim-majority country – I know, because I am one of them.”

Yes. Obama is a muslim. Read the above again. “Americans have Muslims in their family…I am one of them.”

At least he didn’t say he is a Berliner.

I can see how the Muslims of America, CAIR, and Jamaat al-Fuqra have enriched America. Wonderful stuff.

Obama believes he has enriched America. Perhaps he’s applauding the way he has increased the national debt per capita over the last few months. Bail outs have bonded America’s children for life, and that includes those not born yet, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Each. And as for the Americans living in muslim majority countries? I wonder where they went to church, which seems to be the American “must do” thing every sunday morning, whether you believe or not, lest you be branded immoral in some fashion. I thought politics and religion should be kept separate. I thought that was part of the American Constitution, of which the Americans are so proud, but apparently not proud enough as to be prepared to defend, as long as their president is a.) black, and b.) a closet muslim. Where’s the domestic public outcry?
I thought Obama was in Istanbul to talk to the Turkish government, not the local clergy. Maybe I misunderstood something. Maybe, they are one and the same.


On the final leg of his five-nation tour Mr Obama has underscored his theme of the need for concerted international action in the face of gathering global challenges by pushing for Turkey – a “strong, vibrant and secular democracy” – to be allowed into the European Union.

Ahem. We in Europe aren’t exactly keen on this sort of thing. We like to think that’s our business. Calling Turkey a “strong, vibrant and secular democracy” is one thing. But recognising it as being closer to an Islamic democracy would be getting closer to the truth. The secular bit is slowly but surely being eradicated.

However, we’ll make a concession. If you, Mr. President, will make Mexico the 51st state under the United States, we will consider adopting Turkey as the 29th nation in the EU.

Sound fair?

You can fuck up your side of the pond as much as you like, we like to think our side is fucked up enough as it is.
I hope that’s P.C. enough for you. (P.C. meaning “Perfectly Clear”).

We don’t need you to tell us how to make it worse.

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In my E-mail Today

Posted by Exile on April 5, 2009

This turned up in my Inbox. I just had to share it and I hope everyone chips in..

I’m in England for a Business Program. You won’t believe i was robbed by a Taxi Driver on my way to an Hotel. He made away with my little bag containing my Wallet,Phone,Plane Ticket.
Please i need you to loan me with the sum of $2500 because i’m out of cash and i’m having it so  hard in accessing my bank account due to the banking system here.I promise to pay back your money as soon as i return home,including the transfer charges.Please use the  Western Union/MoneyGram Info below to wire the money to me here,so i can sort out myself and get back home.
Receiver Name:Dallas Volk
Address : 2-24 Kensington High St – London W8 4PT
City :London
As soon as you make the wire,e-mail me  the transfer detail.I await your response.

Poor bastard. Broke and lost in a foreign land and bereft of writing skills.

He was absolutely right in his assumption that I wouldn’t believe him. Numbers 2 to 24 in Kensington High Street is a quarter of the street on one side. Impressive address Dallas. How do you pay the rent?

I hope his “business program” works out though.

Otherwise, he’s completely wasted his time.

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