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Hang ‘em High

Posted by Exile on April 11, 2009

Two separate incidents in the seas off Somalia have really got me going. The French and the US have been playing cat and mouse with pirates for a week or so now with little to show for their efforts apart from a lot of egg on naval faces. The French were the first to lose their patience and decided to go after the pirates with a military operation that finally solved the deadlock. Unfortunately, this is what happened;

Florent Lemaçon is killed and four rescued in an operation to free a French yacht captured by lawless Somali pirates.

Two pirates were captured in the operation, which lasted six minutes, Mr Morin said.

Oh well. At least they tried. And a few pirates were also killed. Which means they won’t be coming back to do it again.

In a similar situation, the captive American captain on a lifeboat full of pirates decided he wasn’t about to be rescued and made a getaway attempt. Unfortunately, this is what happened;

The US Navy missed a chance to rescue the American captain held by Somali pirates on a lifeboat in the Indian Ocean when he tried to escape by jumping into the sea.

Captain Richard Phillips fled through a back door in the covered lifeboat about midnight on Thursday local time and began swimming away, US officials said.

At least one pirate jumped in after him and brought him back aboard the boat, which is drifting without fuel, before the nearby US destroyer, USS Bainbridge, could intervene. The incident was captured on video by a US drone overhead. “He didn’t get very far,” one official said.

He didn’t get much help either, did he? One would think that something as big and powerful as the USS Bainbridge could have removed the lifeboat from the face of the sea once they saw the captain in the water, but for some strange reason, decided not to assist him or sink the pirates. After all, it’s hard to wield a weapon and tread water for any length of time, so simply blowing the boat out of the water would have freed the skipper immediately. Which makes one wonder what kid glove rules of engagement the US Navy is operating under now?

A new approach is needed. The pirates are calling for assistance from their buddies in Somalia, so expect more kidnapping, and they are also warning the US Navy and the FBI to stay away or else. Five lightly armed criminals are holding the US Navy to ridicule.

So here is my take on it. Ask the French to deliver the two pirates they have. Hold an emergency naval court on the Bainbridge, find these two guilty of piracy and murder and then hang them prominently by the neck in front of their co-pirates from a makeshift yard arm. Offer the pirates on the lifeboat either imprisonment or the same fate. Whether the hostage lives or dies should not be a point for discussion. If he dies, they hang by the neck. If he is released, they go to jail. After explaining that, which should take about two minutes at the most, blow the bottom of the lifeboat to bits and let it sink.

Not do-able? No. Probably not.

Why not? Because some do-gooder in the UN has probably said we can’t.

And yet, everything else has failed. The time has come to put an end to this piracy crap and so far, it’s only the French who have had the balls to try.


An American captain taken hostage by Somali pirates aboard a lifeboat was freed yesterday after making a second daring escape attempt that allowed shadowing US forces to open fire on his captors.

Three of the four pirates were killed and a fourth was wounded and taken into custody, according to initial reports.

US officials said that Captain Richard Phillips was unharmed and safe aboard the US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge last night.

Hang ’em, shoot ’em. I don’t care just as long as they get ’em in the end. Well done the US Navy, albeit a little late in the day.


3 Responses to “Hang ‘em High”

  1. jj said

    Sadly our new eunuch in the White House is showing his true colors again. There are SEAL units on all warships and if someone had the gonads to say “Get that Captain” it would be over quickly. Mrs. Obama said last year “I am finally proud to be an American” as for me I am continually embarrassed by the actions and inactions of her husband and have great fear for path he has set. His approval rating dropped 9 points last week. Some are finally getting it.

  2. jj said

    In all fairness to Obama he did give the go-ahead Friday to use any means for a rescue. The MSM called it a firefight. I doubt more than 3 rounds were expended by our Seals. It was selective prosecution. Message sent to other pirates,eh?

    Let’s hope so!

  3. Exactly so!

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