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Happily, The Rot May be Setting In

Posted by Exile on April 13, 2009

I have long awaited the beginning of what may be the end.

The EU is a huge and hugely corrupt organisation run by middle of the road extremists of middle of the road politics. We are drowning in their squander here. They squander our money, our culture, our past, our present and our future in the name of some wild and untrue theory that all the world is one and that culture is something that belongs to the left of centre and is to be formed by the dissolution of nations, the eradication of our history, the decline and eventual dismissal of our rights and the management of their electorate by import.

People may be on the verge of seeing the light. I read this rather encouraging news in the Timesonline this afternoon.

Mainstream political parties across Europe are bracing themselves for a backlash from voters in elections to the European Parliament, with some fearing an unprecedented protest vote for extreme candidates from the far Left and Right.

In Britain, a Labour MEP has warned that six seats could be taken by the British National Party, who could be joined in Strasbourg by an increased number of far right MEPs from Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Greece as well as half a dozen members of the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders’s [sic] new Party for Freedom.

On the far Left, the Nouveau Partie Anticapitaliste is forecast to pick up at least ten MEPs in France, while in Germany Die Linke is predicted to grow from seven to at least 11.

Julia de Clerck, a research fellow at the Brussels-based Centre for European Policy Studies, said that she expected to see greater representation from the extremes when votes were cast for 736 MEPs from 27 countries on June 4 to 7.

I sincerely hope this is so. Although I would not welcome the rise of quasi-communist parties such as the Nouveau Partie Anticapitaliste from France, I would welcome the bolstering of the right wing in the European Parliament. The utter failure of the left wing parliamentarians to gain control over the rising tide of dissent is encouraging. We, the people, are fed up with the lot of them. They have destroyed some of our cities already, reducing them to foreign enclaves and islamic ghettoes, the rule of law is under pressure and social breakdown is at the top of the agenda for many of our indigenous citizens who merely want their country back.

I think the tide may be turning. I think this may signal some resistance. I may be wrong, but I am encouraged. By casting a vote away from the social democratic idiocy of the past thirty years and voting for a return to something more nationalistic and less “European” must be a positive thing to do and must send a warning signal to the EU.

It is time they began to listen to the people they were elected to serve. If they can’t or won’t and, indeed, they haven’t, then we will elect something other than them. It looks as if the fooling of all the people, all of the time, is coming to an end.

Article here.


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