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No Pun Intended?

Posted by Exile on May 17, 2009

This is taken from an article in The Catholic Herald:

An ecumenical service was held to commemorate 20 martyrs who were hung, drawn and quartered for rejecting Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy.

Master of the Charterhouse Dr. James Thomson said:

"We want to concentrate on what joins us together and not what divides us……"

Well. It would appear that a little “reunification” is exactly what one needs after being quartered.

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Not Refugees any Longer

Posted by Exile on May 16, 2009

In March 2003 the United States and other members of a coalition of governments from all around the world entered Iraq and began the demolition of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship. It only took two months to accomplish. The oppressive and bloody reign of Saddam was over. During his time in power he drove thousands into exile as refugees who were desperately trying to get away from his secret police and political allies. Some of them came to Denmark during that time.

Saddam is dead and gone. His secret police are no longer in power. The feared Baath Party are gone. With this in mind, the time has come to send those refugees home, where they belong. Amongst the genuine refugees there were also economic refugees who followed along for the hand out. Amongst these refugees were some who were, for one reason or another, refused entry into this country. They simply chose not to leave. Most of them were detained in accommodation which, despite having most of the comforts of a modern leisure centre hotel, became known as refugee camps. A more misleading piece of nomenclature can simply not be found.
But now the game is up. Denmark has drawn up a return agreement with Iraq and those that were pursued and oppressed by Saddam Hussein and company can go home to Iraq without fear. The old regime is gone for ever, so there is nothing to fear.

But no. Not entirely. The UN is against the return of refugees, even though they had nothing to seek refuge from, apart perhaps, from the fear of having to fend for themselves and make their own living. The EU is equally against the repatriation simply because, well, it is the EU and has decided on a non-refoulement policy for anything on legs that can say the word “asylum”, including islamic terrorists who now live amongst us under something called “tolerated presence”.

image In a last ditch attempt to remain here, a group of ten of these Iraqi men, that came here eight years ago, in 2001, two years before the removal of Saddam, have sought refuge in one of Denmark’s oldest and best loved churches, the Church of Our Lady, in Copenhagen. A rather surprising place to go since they are predominantly muslims. They claim that they are “pursued in Iraq and that now they feel pursued in Denmark”. Apparently not so pursued that they were not free to walk into a christian church and declare residence. I wonder, who let the dogs out?

According to a spokeswoman for these Iraqis, Anne Bågø; "Right now we are arranging for and preparing food and finding mattresses so these people can live here until a political solution can be found.”
She was also the spokeswoman for a protest action referring to itself as “Close the camps” which ended with a collision between the activists and police last year. Well, be careful what you wish for, woman. The decision has been made to close the “camps”. This is the result. What did you expect?

I have only one word for both Bågø and the Iraqis. Piffle.

We have a political solution. We have an agreement with Iraq to take these undesirables back to where they came from.

They may have had a difference with Saddam and his cronies and regime, but as stated, that regime, including Saddam and his boys, is dead now. The country has settled down is no longer in civil turmoil or afraid of secret and brutal police.

So you tell me. What’s to seek refuge from any longer?

The church has asked the squatters to leave but will not enforce any decision to remove them by force.

Personally, I reckon we should forcibly baptise them before we throw them out of the country.
If you think that’s a little unchristian of me, then don’t fret. I don’t profess to be a christian either.

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