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Could it Be..?

Posted by Exile on June 2, 2009

This morning, we all woke up to the news that an Air France Airbus was missing after vanishing off the radar somewhere over the Atlantic between Brazil and Africa. So far, so good, albeit tragic.

There has been a search operation going on since then for the aircraft. Later this morning, debris was located. I read on the BBC webside, the following:

Air force spokesman Col Jorge Amaral [Brazilian Air Force] said the debris had been spotted by search planes early on Tuesday.

"At approximately 0530 Brazilian time [0830 GMT], a C-130 military aircraft spotted some debris in two locations approximately 60km apart from each other," he said.

"In this area, they saw an orange buoy, an airplane seat, small white pieces, an airplane turbine as well as oil and kerosene.

"The search is continuing because it’s very little material in relation to the size [of the Airbus A330]."

Officials, he said, needed "a piece that might have a serial number, some sort of identification" to be sure it came from the missing jet.

Now, let’s think about this astonishing news.

I have travelled about half way round the world on aircfaft twice, plus all the intercine European flights I have under my belt and never once have I experienced, even if their were football hooligans on the flight, that anyone ripped out the seats and threw them out of the windows or doors.

No aircraft other than AF447, the downed airbus, has reported losing a turbine (read; aircraft engine) over the Atlantic today. One would have thought, that an aircraft doing so would at least make some sort of complaint to someone, somewhere.

The oil and the kerosene, (how do they know that?) may have been dumped by a passing ship, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt there and I’ll throw in the orange buoy for good measure.

My question is then, how could this not be the remains of flight Af447?

Come on BBC. What’s the big secret?


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