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Disgraceful Times

Posted by Exile on June 8, 2009

The Timesonline is a constant source of reading material. Most of what one reads is only slightly coloured by the editorial staff and generally speaking they are pretty fair. But the following caught my eye and had be swearing into my tea this morning:

The BNP has a wide choice of neo-fascist bedfellows to team up with in the European Parliament after voters delivered the far Right extra seats in nine countries.

I see. Since the fascists were actually national socialists, I don’t truly understand the title accorded to parties from all across Europe. The article is here.

I did note, however, that the times also quoted the infamous anti-BNP webside “Searchlight” which has no other purpose than to cast aspersions on the BNP. The quote leaves me wondering just what these people are thinking;

"The far-right growth is a really bad sign, and this is clearly linked to the economic crash," Gerry Gable, the editor of Searchlight, an anti-fascist monthly magazine, said. "This is the entirely predictable result of the social fall-out of the financial crisis. It is a particularly worrying trend."

Due to the economic crisis, eh? Doesn’t have anything to do with hordes of invading muslims and the like then?

You’re right to be worried Mr. Gable. Grow up and get real. The worm has only just started to turn.


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