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Nigeria Gets it Right

Posted by Exile on August 1, 2009

Not being terribly impressed of late by African governments, I was particularly encouraged by a report published in the Timesonline and equally discouraged by the response by the lefty loudmouths that apparently have little or no regard for the greater good of the people of Nigeria, From the article;

Nigerian security forces claimed victory yesterday over a radical Islamic sect blamed for some of the worst violence to rock the West African country for years after police shot dead its leader.
While police said that he died in a shootout human rights campaigners have alleged that he had been executed without due process and warned of revenge attacks to come.

Good. Summary execution is about the only justice that can be meted out to these taleban imitators who kill, maim and defile an otherwise peaceful population. Once they go the way of oppressive religious madness, they drop all pretence of respect for anyone’s human rights apart from their own. Mohammed Yusuf, leader of the so-called Nigerian Taleban, was killed after he was captured on Thursday night. His organisation, Boko Haram, (School is forbidden) have been dishing out their vile and evil form of Sharia for too long as it is. Where were the human rights bastards while all that was going on? Hiding their heads in their plush New York offices, I daresay. No outrage, no outcry, no human rights for those that Yusuf was killing.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch called for an investigation. “The Nigerian authorities must act immediately to hold to account all those responsible for this unlawful killing and any others associated with the recent violence in northern Nigeria,” Corinne Dufka, its senior West Africa researcher, said.

Why? What possible good could be gained from an inquiry into the summary execution of this madman with a gun and his bunch of equally insane followers? And just who are these Boko Haram assholes?

The militant group led by Yusuf, a militant cleric who professed admiration for Osama bin Laden, has been blamed for days of violent unrest in which hundreds of people died in clashes between his followers and security forces. The authorities collected hundreds of bodies from the streets of Maiduguri, the base of the cleric and his diehard followers, consisting mainly of unemployed university students.

Unemployed University students? How could they possibly support something calling for the destruction of books and schools? Maybe these universities are simple madrassas with a curriculum consisting of the koran and the AK47.

The following footnote from the article says more about Yusuf than I could. 

Yusuf had encouraged his followers to rid themselves of all material wealth while he was chauffeured around in a Mercedes all-terrain vehicle and amassed dozens of vehicles at his compound.

But of course, he was only motivated by his religious beliefs. Obviously. Good riddance to this piece of human excrement. Nigeria has got to be a better place for his demise.

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