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Immigration Laws? Bah.

Posted by Exile on August 21, 2009

I can’t help but wonder what the hell is wrong with the present laws and rules we have concerning those people who come to this land seeking asylum. We spend a lot of time and money supporting this bureaucratic industry that has become the Refugee Council which has, as it’s sole purpose, to decide who gets in and who doesn’t. Most that come here, get in. The EU has seen to that. Some, however, after an extensive, exhausting and often elongated period of discovery and investigation, don’t. They are deemed not to be in need of asylum. They may appeal. They usually always do. Some win the appeal. Others don’t. This process can go on and on, as long as there is a wide mouthed lawyer willing to take the case, all the way to the highest courts in the land. My taxes finance it. Lawyers get rich on it. I pay the bill along with everyone else who actually works in this land.

Finally for some, the options are exhausted. They are refused asylum. After years of heaving to and fro, hours of legal process, hearings and what not, they are deemed unworthy. Even though everyone had their day in court.

What happens then? Well, nothing. They refuse to leave and so I get to pay the bill again. They are enclosed in what we laughingly call refugee camps but which are really a form of open prison where one can come and go as one pleases and are looked after by the state. I’m still paying the bill.

Finally, after a long and often extended period, they are to be sent out of this land.
I get to pay for that too.

Or do they?

No. Not all of them.

Some disappear into the surrounding environment. We call it going underground. Illegal entry and immigration is what it really is. Some occupy churches and seek religious asylum or whatever it may be called. We don’t like raiding churches for some reason and priests don’t seem to mind their churches being occupied. Some even encourage it. I call it harbouring illegal immigrants, which is, by the way, illegal here in Denmark.

This happened recently. 35 Iraqis, all denied asylum have been occupying a church in Copenhagen. Finally, after about six weeks of asking nicely and being refused, the police went in and took them.

Huge uproar from the left. Huge protests from the anarchist youth. Big fight outside the church, started by same anarchist left wing youth. More bloody lawyers, more bloody inquests and demands for a further trial by the refugee council for each of the 35 illegals. Guess who pays that bill?
The left, apparently, can’t accept the findings of our legal system or have no respect for the law.

A delegation from Iraq came to formally identify the said 35 Iraqis. 34 are now positively identified as being fit for return to that country.

Some are still demanding more time to, once again, go through the vetting process for all of them, individually.

I say no. This has to stop.

We are doing it wrong. This shouldn’t go on for years. Once finally found unfit for asylum, these people should be placed under arrest the same day, securely imprisoned and then deported back to wherever they came from at the earliest convenience. It’s time to stop the pussyfooting around at my expense.

They had their chance. They had all the available help and support they could have needed. They were heard, examined, checked and investigated at huge expense and with all the help that could be offered and still , it wasn’t enough. Their case just simply didn’t hold water.

Ignoring that and allowing them to stay here is an insult to our laws, legal system and, not least of all, my wallet. Having no right to be here must mean just that.

They have no right to be here.


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