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The Swine Flu Money-Go-Round

Posted by Exile on September 21, 2009

Here’s how it works. The giant pharmaceutical companies are funding the WHO. It’s called investment. To be sure they get their money back, the pharmas need a health panic. The WHO finds one every year. Last year it was Avian flu, this year it’s Swine flu. There is, naturally, an influenza break out every year. There always has been. There have always been mutations. Some dangerous, most not. But the panic has to be believable, so the new flu strains, every year, are pumped up by the WHO.

This results in massive amounts of money being poured back into the Pharmaceutical industry, every year, for the purchase of flu medication, needed or not. This is the return the pharmas need to continue to make enormous profits with which to fund the WHO, who, in return, create the next panic to ensure their income.

This is called symbiosis. Both need each other to survive.

If the panic is not shown to be justified, then other measures have to be used. The third world hasn’t been able to buy enough of the meds to bolster the Pharmaceutical industry’s profits during the present financial “crisis”. What a shame. The big pharmas need every penny they can get, so what does one do? One ramps it up to the WHO’s big brother.

Read this.

Simple really. The west will have to pay more but how can they get us to shell out more for what we already have enough of? Roll out the guilt trip and see who jumps on board.

I wouldn’t mind, but Swine flu isn’t that deadly anyway compared to regular flu.

Pandemic my ass.

If I can see we’re being duped, why can’t the idiots that demand my tax money see it too?


One Response to “The Swine Flu Money-Go-Round”

  1. babsindk said

    I am astounded.

    Can you run that by again? The pharm. companies run W.H.O?

    Read it again. “The giant pharmaceutical companies are funding the WHO.”
    And because of that, they have a huge lobby effect. They donate obscene amounts of money.

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