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Green Lies: Coral reefs

Posted by Exile on November 27, 2009

The city I call home is about to be overrun with screaming greenies all hell bent on telling me how I am ruining the planet. I take a certain distance from their idiotic views. I agree the climate is changing. I believe it may be, in some cases, for the better and that we should accept it as a fact and not as a threat. Just to put a few things into perspective, I am considering my own little campaign to weigh against the green mantras of death and destruction.

For example, they are not telling the whole truth about coral reefs. Yes, the old ones are dying, which is a normal cycle in itself, but why do we never hear of the new ones that are springing up form the west coast of Ireland to the Gulf of Carpenteria? Even in places where there never has been coral before.

Don’t believe me? well, here’s a few links to support my standpoint:

New coral reef: Phuket

New coral reef: Ireland

New coral reef: Seychelles

New coral reef: Australia

There are more. Just Google for “new coral reef” and you hit loads of them. Why are we not being told about this? Well, it doesn’t fit the green agenda. It really is that simple.

See, they aren’t simply telling us lies about the changing climate, they aren’t telling us the truth about it either.

Which is doubly shameful and should be doubly damning.


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