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Swiss Resistance

Posted by Exile on November 29, 2009

Here’s something that won’t be hitting the news near you, but the Timesonline managed to report it. A referendum in Switzerland has resulted in the rejection of minarets to be built in that country. Obviously the EU courts, Amnesty International freaks and all things to the left of common sense will be up in arms over this.

From the article:

Swiss voters appear to have defied their Government and churches today and approved a national ban on the construction of minarets.

Early results showed that 57 per cent of voters had backed the proposal, ensuring international embarrassment for Switzerland and a possible backlash in the Muslim world.


The approval is the latest act by European voters in support of anti-immigrant parties, following electoral successes over the last decade by far-right parties in Austria, the Netherlands and France.


The SVP rejects the Government view that a ban would breach the law on freedom of religion. "Mosques are not part of freedom of religion. This is not against Islam. The minaret is a symbol of political power," Mr Schluer said.

The Swiss political world is worried about the prospects of a worldwide Muslim backlash of the kind that hit Denmark after the affair of the Muhammad cartoons.

"Swiss-made", the most trusted brand image in the world, is at stake, say business leaders. Gerold Burhrer, president of the Swiss Business Federation, has reminded the country that it earns £10 billion a year from Muslim countries and that Geneva alone received 174,500 visits from the Gulf last year.

The referendum result, if confirmed, is certain to be challenged in the courts as a breach of the constitution. Amnesty International and other campaign groups had warned that the Swiss initiative would breach the norms of international human rights.

It will also be seen as further evidence of Switzerland’s desire to resist political integration with the rest of Europe. This has been manifested by the rise of the SVP and growing grass-roots hostility towards the European Union. Switzerland narrowly rejected EU membership 19 years ago and mainstream politicians acknowledge that there would be little chance of approval now.

The truly worrying part of all this is, that despite the vote, “the referendum result is certain to be challenged in the courts as a breach of the constitution. Amnesty International and other campaign groups had warned that the Swiss initiative would breach the norms of international human rights”.

Really? So democracy counts for nothing then? Which says more about the courts and Amnesty et al than it does about the Swiss people. And just what authority does “Amnesty International and other campaign groups” have to warn anybody about anything? None.

Now, where can I find a reasonably priced house in Switzerland?


Hat tip: Timesonline


2 Responses to “Swiss Resistance”

  1. Richard said

    The vote in Switzerland is fascinating in that it was essentially a ‘women’s issue’. The men basically followed.

    It is not the ‘theory’ of equality of women in Islam, but the hard reality of 15 years of experience by girls and women of the social reality of appalling behaviour by Moslem men that has stripped away any illusions.

    Moslems came as refugees, were given asylum. Educated, housed.

    And the repayment….constant harassment and violence so much so that women feel intimidated.

    ‘Tatiana, a teacher who had previously voted for the left, was quoted in a newspaper as saying she would vote for the minaret ban as she could “no longer bear being mistreated and terrorised by boys who believe women are worthless”.

    Socialist politicians have been furious to see icons of the left joining what is regarded as an anti-immigrant campaign by the populist Swiss People’s party, the biggest group in parliament.

    One of them, Julia Onken, warned that failure to ban minarets would be “a signal of the state’s acceptance of the oppression of women”. She has sent out 4,000 emails attacking Muslims who condone forced marriage, honour killings and beating women.’

  2. yonason said

    What do you call someone who does what’s right, even when it’s unpopular?


    What do you call someone who goes with the crowd, even when their wrong?

    Obama, uh, I mean, A LOSER.

    Good for you, Switzerland. And thank you.

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