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After COP15

Posted by Exile on December 29, 2009

I thought it might be prudent to point out, that we are having the coldest December here since 2002. I think there were warmer winters before 2002, as there were colder ones, but nobody wants to talk about that in the media available to me. Heaven forbid that we could document here, that winter has been warmer during the past goodness knows how long.

If this cold snap keeps up, we will achieve a middle temperature for December of less than 0.1 degrees C. Right now, there’s a good frost going on outside. I know this, because I’ve just been out with the dogs and believe me when I say, it’s bloody freezing out there.

Which is surprising, considering all that bloody Gorian global warming that’s been going on for so long now, that planet earth has been cooling down for the last nine years.

My house lies almost exactly on a latitude of 55.6 degrees North, which puts me a little over half way up the hill from the equator. If it’s cold here, then it’s got to be freezing at the top. We get at least a little sunlight during the day to warm us, unlike the Arctic regions, which are now in permanent darkness.

I can’t help wondering about those poor polar bears. Perhaps we should ask Al Gore to send ‘em a few (eco-friendly) torches and warm woolly socks to keep their toes warm on all that non-existent arctic ice?

Global warming? Ha-bloody-ha.

Lying bastards.

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Valid Comment

Posted by Exile on December 21, 2009

I don’t often do this.

This comment was posted to my post “Challenging the IPCC”. It was received today, 21-12-2009 and is worthy of being posted here as a stand alone.

My thanks to P. Molls for the comment which appears under the relevant post and is now presented here. The linked video lasts about 8 minutes. See it.


To whom it may concern !

More confusion…..?!?

Please take time out to listen to this video presentation by well known John Coleman. (see below)


Thank you !

P. Molls

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Posted by Exile on December 20, 2009

Results of a two week long and extremely, nay, pornographically expensive venting of hot air and opinions at taxpayers expense, are summed up as follows:



Comments displaying disappointment are plentiful from NGOs and scientists in the early aftermath of the UN conference in Copenhagen.

“What we have after two years of negotiation is a half-baked text of unclear substance. With the possible exceptions of US legislation and the beginnings of financial flows, none of the political obstacles to effective climate action have been solved,”

Kim Carstensen, Leader of global conservation organization WWF’s Global Climate Initiative.


Personally, I think that’s absolutely the best possible result they could have achieved. I’m glad the farce is over. The town will return to its normal state of winter apathy and I can drive my car wherever I wish with no interference from bored police officers or detours due to pointless left wing extremist rioting. When I heard the results of the conference on climate change I couldn’t quite decide between a celebratory scotch or champagne. I went for both.

Hopefully this non-result will dampen the spirits of those that seek our destruction by unnecessary taxation for nothing.

The climate is changing. It always has. It’s natural. There is nothing to be done to alter that. And trying to do so is a waste of time, money and effort. Let nature take its course and learn to live with the consequences.

By the way, it’s minus eight degrees Celsius outside right now.

Uncommonly cold for this time of year…

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Smoke and Mirrors

Posted by Exile on December 10, 2009

I’m fed up with the discrimination being levelled against me by the anti-smoking fraternity. I have stopped inviting non-smokers into my house. I simply won’t let them in. I’m pretty fed up with all the blatant and absolute lies that we hear about the fantastic overblown statistics on second hand smoke, third hand smoke and soon, I’m sure, the fourth, fifth and sixth hand as well. If smoking is as deadly as I’m told it is, then I already died twenty odd years ago. So did a lot of others I know. As with the global warming eejits, so the anti-smoking eejits. I’m fed up to here with both the lies and the liars.

It is nice then, to find someone else who shares my disgust at those lying to us, and my irritation with those that are stupid enough to believe them. My hat is off to Andrew Alexander at the Mailonline.  (http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

My thanks to him for this pearl. A truly great article. I bring it here in its entirety.

A lie, by definition, is something you say which you know is untrue. (The Iraq Inquiry may provide the right label for Tony Blair’s misleading statements.)

The vaguer category of ‘dishonest’ applies to all sorts of official statistics, as presented by the Government, in policing, immigration etc.

But how do you classify claims that are obviously false but are being provided by those who are apparently too stupid to understand them?

Smoking is an interesting area because the figures – intended to make your flesh creep – must be, by definition, false.

We are told that smoking ‘costs’ the National Health Service £1.7bn, or maybe £5bn. They are not just guesswork, they are patently contrary to common sense.

We are told that smoking is a cause of lung cancer and heart disease and other potentially lethal disorders.

That may well be so.

But if smoking leads to premature deaths, it obviously saves the NHS money, since it is in old age that the cost of medical attention soars.

If we could all arrange to die at retirement age, the NHS would save an awful lot of money.

Moreover, smoking is an appetite suppressant and may therefore reduce obesity, which is certainly a cause of heart disease, and other disorders, costing the health service an awful lot of money.

An outright lie is also included in the anti-smoking campaign.

Tobacco manufacturers have to warn purchasers that, among other things, ‘smoking kills’.

If one said that prussic acid kills, it would be true. A more honest statement would be that tobacco can kill. Only the illiterate or mentally idle will fail to see the difference.

Alas, there is something about smoking which damages the mind – of anti-smokers. Normal as they may be in other respects, they rave and rant about tobacco.

Entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne recently declared that he looked forward to the day when, if a mother lit up in a car, her children would call the police! Russia and Germany at one time also favoured the denunciation of unsound parents.

Bannatyne apparently had great trouble giving up many years ago. So he wants others to suffer, too.

Poor chap! I am sorry he found it so hard.

I gave up smoking once, for about 12 years – more a test of will than a health worry. The toughest moment was facing my typewriter to start writing.

I would watch a fellow pipe smoker as he sat down to do the same, slowly and thoughtfully filling his pipe (an art you have to master), finally lighting up and allowing that slow upward drift of the curling smoke.

Sensibly, I returned to the habit. Pipe-smoking is a very ruminative process. It creates the right spaces and pauses for a writer.

But we have not finished with the statistics yet. Second-hand smoke is claimed to cause many deaths and is the basis for tyrannical curbs on offices and pubs.

This figure is arrived at by guesswork, inspired by hysteria, and masquerades as scientific ‘proof’ – a process which characterises our age.

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The World According to George Monbiot

Posted by Exile on December 3, 2009

And who, might you ask, is George Monbiot? He’s one of the leading greenies. He writes for the Guardian amongst other things. A staunch defender of those that have lied to us about global warming climate change for years. He refers to those of us who choose not to believe the flawed and manipulated data concerning temperature and CO2 and other such blithering nonsense and therefore dare to challenge his preferred new religion  science, as “scumbags”, “liars” and “cheats”. Which I’m sure, is all very scientific and greatly adds to the debate.
Nevertheless, in the light of “climategate”, the hacking and releasing of CRU emails and files, which clearly documents who has been lying and cheating, he has been more than a little on the defensive and probably shed a tear or two for the now dying falling sky theories.

Admitting that the emails et al are damaging and damning, he has taken on a somewhat passive-aggressive tone and is clearly suffering from a dose of sackcloth and ashes. Which is a bit like swine flu at the moment, spreading at pandemic rates through the green camp accompanied by a good deal of wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth.

I’m not going to bring any of George’s scribblings here, but I would take the time to include the following links which will take you, dear reader, to the thoughts of Mr. Monbiot. I hope you will take the time to follow and read.

MMGW Guardian article #1

Guardian article #2

By the way Mr. Monbiot, I object to being called a scumbag, liar or cheat by you. Especially now, where I can finally see what company you otherwise keep. Which is how I measure a man.

However, I can also insult. You sir, are a twit.

And that’s putting it nicely.

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Re: The Swiss Vote on Minarets

Posted by Exile on December 2, 2009

Peter-Brookes-carto_653049aI couldn’t resist this and I hope Peter Brookes, cartoonist for the Times, will forgive me for bringing this to your attention. We have yet to see the muslim backlash at Switzerlands popular refusal regarding the building of minarets but this little gem of a cartoon would probably sum it up..

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